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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686isapnptools1.27-4Allow ISA Plug-And-Play devices to be configured on a Linux machine19.05.2013 14:07
extrai686speedtouch1.3.1-5Driver for the ADSL Speed Touch USB modem19.05.2013 14:40
communityi686igmpproxy0.1-3a simple multicast router for Linux only using the IGMP protocol23.05.2013 11:55
communityi686scponly4.8-9A limited shell for ssh/scp23.05.2013 13:09
communityanyperl-math-random-isaac1.004-2Perl interface to the ISAAC PRNG algorithm27.05.2013 13:16
communityi686ussp-push0.11-6OBEX object pusher for Linux28.05.2013 13:23
communityi686ipguard1.04-3ipguard - arp<->ip relation checking tool28.05.2013 18:47
communityi686chrootuid1.3-6Runs a command in a restricted environment.28.05.2013 19:13
communityi686fbgetty0.1.698-5fbgetty is a console getty like mingetty, which supports framebuffers28.05.2013 19:21
communityi686ozerocdoff2-8Userspace driver for Option High Speed Mobile Devices28.05.2013 20:08
communityi686uucp1.07-4Taylor UUCP is a free implementation of UUCP and is the standard UU...29.05.2013 12:31
extrai686libdmx1.1.3-1X11 Distributed Multihead extension library29.05.2013 17:17
communityanyvim-vcscommand1.99.47-1vim version control system integration plugin30.05.2013 10:35
extrai686yp-tools2.14-3Linux NIS Tools30.05.2013 13:44
communityanytldp-howtos-html20130530-1HOWTO's from (multiple html files in directory per howto)30.05.2013 15:29
communityanytldp-howtos-html-single20130530-1HOWTO's from (one html file per howto)30.05.2013 15:32
communityanytldp-howtos-txt20130530-1HOWTO's from (one text file per howto)30.05.2013 15:34
extrai686pm-utils1.4.1-6Utilities and scripts for suspend and hibernate power management30.05.2013 23:04
communityanyspeakup-utils3.1.6-3Tiny utilities for controlling the Speakup screenreader30.05.2013 23:43
communityi686hping3.0.0-3A command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer.31.05.2013 00:56
communityi686unhide20130526-1A forensic tool to find processes hidden by rootkits, LKMs or by ot...31.05.2013 01:41
communityi686fortune-mod1.99.1-6The Fortune Cookie Program from BSD games31.05.2013 02:13
communityi686shfs-utils0.35-5SHell FileSystem Linux utils31.05.2013 02:40
extrai686metalog3.0-2A modern replacement for syslogd and klogd31.05.2013 03:31
extrai686libbonobo2.32.1-4A set of language and system independant CORBA interfaces for creat...31.05.2013 05:05
extrai686cdrkit1.1.11-3Suite of programs for CD/DVD recording, ISO image creation, and aud...31.05.2013 06:50
corei686bridge-utils1.5-2Utilities for configuring the Linux ethernet bridge31.05.2013 08:54
corei686wpa_actiond1.4-2Daemon that connects to wpa_supplicant and handles connect and disc...31.05.2013 09:47
extraanymkisolinux2013.05-1Advanced, modular isolinux bootcd image creation utility31.05.2013 15:26
extrai686libxres1.0.7-1X11 Resource extension library31.05.2013 16:03
extrai686libxxf86dga1.1.4-1X11 Direct Graphics Access extension library31.05.2013 16:07
extrai686libxtst1.2.2-1X11 Testing -- Resource extension library31.05.2013 16:13
extraanymksyslinux2013.06-1Advanced, modular syslinux boot image creation utility04.06.2013 08:46
communityanyperl-test-tester0.109-1Ease testing test modules built with Test::Builder04.06.2013 14:10
communityi686slmodem-utils2.9.11-19Userspace tools for the Smartlink winmodems04.06.2013 18:46
corei686attr2.4.47-1Extended attribute support library for ACL support06.06.2013 20:04
extrai686ifplugd0.28-14A daemon which brings up/down network interfaces upon cable inserti...06.06.2013 20:34
communityi686matchbox-window-manager1.2-4A pretty much unique X window manager with a classic PDA management...08.06.2013 22:27
extraanymime-types9-1Provides /etc/mime.types10.06.2013 03:34
communityi686vlan1.9-3Virtual LAN configuration utility10.06.2013 17:13
extrai686xsp3.0.11-1A simple webserver based on mono - provides ASP.NET support10.06.2013 18:36
extrai686libusb-compat0.1.5-1Library to enable user space application programs to communicate wi...14.06.2013 12:37
extrai686libhangul0.1.0-2Input method library for Korean15.06.2013 06:28
extrai686gts0.7.6-3Provides useful functions to deal with 3D surfaces meshed with inte...15.06.2013 06:31
extraanylockdown-ms20130326-1SecureBoot keys, which mimic MS certified UEFI machine19.06.2013 16:11
communityanyshedskin0.9.4-1Python to C++ compiler21.06.2013 21:27
extrai686libtheora1.1.1-3An open video codec developed by the Xiph.org02.07.2013 09:52
extrai686foobillard++3.42beta-5An OpenGL billiard game04.07.2013 21:47
communityi686cgoban1.9.14-2SGF editor and client for connection to IGS05.07.2013 03:28
communityi686mrtg2.17.4-2Multi Router Traffic Grapher.05.07.2013 19:03
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