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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityanyyoutube-viewer1:3.2.1-1A command line utility for viewing youtube-videos in MPlayer.28.02.2016 21:36
communityanyyoutube-dl2016.03.26-1A small command-line program to download videos from an...27.03.2016 09:38
communityanyyou-get0.4.365-1A YouTube/Youku/Niconico video downloader written in Python 05:15
extraanyyelp-xsl3.20.1-1Stylesheets for Yelp12.04.2016 23:54
extraanyyelp-tools3.18.0-1Tools for creating Yelp documentation23.09.2015 20:48
extrai686yelp3.20.1-1A help browser for GNOME12.04.2016 23:55
communityanyydcv0.4-1YouDao Console Version - Simple wrapper for Youdao online translate...16.09.2015 18:09
communityi686yaz5.15.2-2A toolkit supporting the development of Z39.50/SRW/SRU clients and ...02.04.2016 19:01
communityi686yaws2.0.2-1Pure Erlang HTTP web server/framework17.01.2016 01:32
extrai686yasm1.3.0-1A rewrite of NASM to allow for multiple syntax supported (NASM, TAS...11.08.2014 19:41
communityi686yara3.4.0-3Tool aimed at helping malware researchers to identify and classify ...19.09.2015 18:34
communityanyyapf0.7.1-1Python style guide checker21.04.2016 16:54
communityi686yaml-cpp0.5.3-1YAML parser and emitter in C++, written around the YAML 1.2 spec13.01.2016 19:16
communityi686yamdi1.9-2A metadata injector for FLV files01.07.2014 10:55
communityi686yakuake3.0.2-3A drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE konsole technology27.04.2016 19:55
extrai686yajl2.1.0-1Yet Another JSON Library31.03.2014 14:37
communityanyyahoo-t0.4-7jabber yahoo transport13.05.2013 16:00
communityi686yagf0.9.5-3Qt4-based GUI for Cuneiform and Tesseract OCRs28.04.2016 00:38
communityi686yabause-qt0.9.14-3A Sega Saturn emulator10.03.2016 09:24
communityi686yabause-gtk0.9.14-1A Sega Saturn emulator12.12.2014 11:21
corei686xz5.2.2-1Library and command line tools for XZ and LZMA compressed files01.10.2015 18:53
communityi686xxkb1.11-5keyboard layout switcher/indicator01.07.2014 18:43
communityi686xwax1.5-2Open-source vinyl emulation software for Linux.08.02.2016 01:19
communityi686xvkbd3.7-1virtual (graphical) keyboard program for X Window System14.09.2015 15:15
extrai686xvidcore1.3.4-1XviD is an open source MPEG-4 video codec02.07.2015 11:34
communityi686xv3.10a-18A nice image viewer20.03.2014 06:33
communityi686xulrunner41.0.2-4Mozilla Runtime Environment03.04.2016 14:12
communityi686xtrlock2.7-2Minimal X display lock program11.11.2015 18:13
extraanyxtrans1.3.5-1X transport library23.09.2014 19:37
communityi686xtrabackup2.4.2-1Non-blocking backup tool for MySQL04.04.2016 14:35
communityi686xtmsplit0.2-4Xtremsplit-compliant file splitter/merger07.07.2014 05:04
extrai686xterm324-1X Terminal Emulator17.03.2016 17:56
communityi686xssstate1.1-2A simple tool to retrieve the X screensaver state08.02.2016 01:03
extrai686xsp3.0.11-1A simple webserver based on mono - provides ASP.NET support10.06.2013 18:36
extrai686xsnow1.42-6Display snow, Santa and his reindeers on the root window04.07.2014 01:02
communityi686xsettings-client0.10-7Provides cross toolkit configuration settings such as theme parameters02.11.2013 00:03
communityi686xsensors0.70-5X11 interface to lm_sensors07.09.2013 18:44
communityi686xsel1.2.0-6XSel is a command-line program for getting and setting the contents...01.07.2014 18:42
extrai686xsd4.0.0-2An open-source, cross-platform W3C XML Schema to C++ data binding c...06.12.2015 04:06
extrai686xscreensaver5.34-1Screen saver and locker for the X Window System27.10.2015 03:23
extrai686xsane-gimp0.999-1XSane Gimp plugin05.01.2014 20:22
extrai686xsane0.999-1A GTK-based X11 frontend for SANE and plugin for Gimp.05.01.2014 20:22
communityi686xrestop0.4-6Uses the X-Resource extension to provide 'top' like statistics06.09.2015 23:56
extraanyxproto7.0.28-1X11 core wire protocol and auxiliary headers01.07.2015 17:45
communityi686xplc0.3.13-6Cross-Platform Lightweight Components05.12.2015 16:11
communityi686xplanet1.3.1-1An Xearth wannabe14.03.2016 15:42
communityi686xpad4.8.0-2Stickies-like notes program28.04.2016 00:36
communityi686xpacman21.002-6another X pacman game05.12.2015 18:52
communityi686xpacman0.11-7X pacman game (use z x / ' q keys)01.07.2014 18:37
extrai686xournal0.4.8-1Notetaking and sketching application02.07.2014 16:19
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