Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityanyspeakup-utils3.1.6-3Tiny utilities for controlling the Speakup screenreader30.05.2013 23:43
communityi686libnl11.1.4-1Library for applications dealing with netlink sockets (Legacy version)12.05.2013 11:28
communityi686cd-discid1.4-1A backend utility to get CDDB discid information from a CD-ROM disc14.05.2013 13:55
communityi686pywebkitgtk1.1.8-3Python bindings to the WebKit GTK+ port27.10.2013 03:28
communityi686hardinfo0.5.1-6A system information and benchmark tool.05.07.2014 05:27
communityi686bin860.16.21-1A complete 8086 assembler and loader11.05.2014 02:20
communityanypysolfc2.0-5PySol (Fan Club edition) is an exciting collection of more than 100...16.09.2013 04:21
communityanygutenpy0.3.0-10A text reader and catalog browser for Project Gutenberg05.07.2014 04:57
communityanyarchlinux-xdg-menu0.7.6.2-2automatic generate WM menu from xdg files18.01.2015 20:28
communityanyperl-test-fatal0.014-1Incredibly simple helpers for testing code with exceptions20.03.2015 04:45
communityi686gpsmanshp1.2.3-1A Tcl package to read and write shapefiles13.08.2014 01:32
communityanyperl-sub-install0.928-1Install subroutines into packages easily12.11.2014 23:20
communityi686flam33.0.1-4Tools to create/display fractal flames: algorithmically generated i...25.10.2013 22:17
communityanyperl-devel-globaldestruction0.13-1Expose the flag which marks global23.10.2014 19:22
communityi686fbset2.1-5Framebuffer setup utility13.05.2013 02:46
communityi686openobex1.7.1-1Implementation of the OBject EXchange (OBEX) protocol06.11.2013 04:13
communityanyemacs-pkgbuild-mode0.14-1A major mode for creating packages with emacs24.10.2015 04:38
communityi686xv3.10a-18A nice image viewer20.03.2014 06:33
communityi686mhash0.9.9.9-3A thread-safe hash library which provides a uniform interface to ha...27.10.2013 00:40
communityi686cddb-py1.4-7CDDB-Server access from Python04.07.2014 05:34
corei686gpm1.20.7-6A mouse server for the console and xterm27.10.2015 01:29
corei686traceroute2.0.21-1Tracks the route taken by packets over an IP network12.11.2014 17:35
corei686sdparm1.09-1An utility similar to hdparm but for SCSI devices31.12.2014 21:18
extraanyperl-crypt-passwdmd51.40-1Provides a crypt()-compatible interface to new MD5-based crypt()29.10.2013 02:40
extrai686lm_sensors3.4.0-1Collection of user space tools for general SMBus access and hardwar...13.07.2015 05:50
extrai686trayer1.0-8A lightweight GTK2-based systray03.07.2014 21:27
extrai686libkeybinder30.3.0-4A library for registering global keyboard shortcuts23.03.2014 22:20
extraanypython2-pyasn10.1.9-1ASN.1 library for Python 223.10.2015 03:58
extrai686gupnp-igd0.2.4-2A library to handle UPnP IGD port mapping21.11.2014 05:26
extrai686physfs2.0.3-2A library to provide abstract access to various archives25.10.2013 02:33
extrai686foobillard++3.42beta-5An OpenGL billiard game04.07.2013 21:47
extraanyperl-ipc-system-simple1.25-1Run commands simply, with detailed diagnostics29.10.2013 02:14
extraanyperl-http-negotiate6.01-2Choose a variant to serve18.03.2014 16:36
extraanyperl-class-inspector1.28-2Get information about a class and its structure18.03.2014 10:13
extrai686zziplib0.13.62-2A lightweight library that offers the ability to easily extract dat...26.10.2013 08:17
extrai686linux_logo5.11-3Text-based logo and system information program03.07.2014 17:42
extrai686transfig3.2.5e-1Format conversion utility that can be used with xfig09.09.2013 20:43
extrai686libieee12840.2.11-5A library to query devices connected in parallel port28.10.2013 03:10
extraanypython2-gdata2.0.18-1Python client library for Google data APIs20.08.2013 11:12
extrai686grip3.3.1-10A cd-player and ripper for the Gnome desktop10.08.2013 03:40
extraanyperl-www-robotrules6.02-2Database of robots.txt-derived permissions29.09.2013 20:57
extrai686figlet2.2.5-2A program for making large letters out of ordinary text03.07.2014 03:17
extraanyperl-http-date6.02-2Date conversion routines18.03.2014 16:44
extrai686pathological1.1.3-9A puzzle game with the same feel as frozen bubble03.07.2014 18:16
extrai686di4.35-1A disk information utility, displaying everything (and more) that y...16.02.2014 05:03
extrai686zvbi0.2.35-1VBI capture and decoding library08.01.2015 21:40
extrai686libstroke0.5.1-6A stroke (mouse gesture) translation library24.10.2013 23:42
extrai686streamripper1.64.6-3Records and splits streaming mp3 into tracks03.07.2014 21:13
extrai686libdv1.0.0-6The Quasar DV codec (libdv) is a software codec for DV video18.05.2014 22:57
extraanypython2-feedparser5.2.1-1Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python222.10.2015 04:26