Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityanyruby-tins1.11.0-1All the stuff that is not good/big enough for a real library13.07.2016 22:10
testingi686jsoncpp1.7.4-1A C++ library for interacting with JSON11.07.2016 18:48
extrai686jsoncpp1.7.3-2A C++ library for interacting with JSON08.07.2016 23:25
communityi686shairport-sync2.8.4.4-1Emulates an AirPort Express for the purpose of streaming music from...08.07.2016 17:33
extrai686apache2.4.23-1A high performance Unix-based HTTP server05.07.2016 16:35
communityi686crystal0.18.7-1The Crystal Programming Language05.07.2016 07:53
communityi686avr-binutils2.26.1-1A set of programs to assemble and manipulate binary and object file...03.07.2016 17:35
communityi686arm-none-eabi-binutils2.26.1-1A set of programs to assemble and manipulate binary and object file...03.07.2016 17:33
corei686sdparm1.10-1An utility similar to hdparm but for SCSI devices01.07.2016 23:19
corei686traceroute2.1.0-1Tracks the route taken by packets over an IP network01.07.2016 23:16
extraanyseabios1.9.3-1A 16-bit x86 bios01.07.2016 16:44
communityanyruby-treetop1.6.5-1A Ruby-based text parsing and interpretation DSL30.06.2016 15:58
extrai686nghttp21.12.0-1Framing layer of HTTP/2 is implemented as a reusable C library30.06.2016 01:44
communityi686msgpack-c2.0.0-1An efficient object serialization library30.06.2016 01:32
extrai686ethtool1:4.6-1Utility for controlling network drivers and hardware26.06.2016 19:21
communityanyandroid-udev20160503-1Udev rules to connect Android devices to your linux box25.06.2016 00:30
communityi686nanomsg1.0.0-1Simple high-performance implementation of several "scalability prot...22.06.2016 22:37
communityanytt-rss1:r7981-1Web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator22.06.2016 22:30
communityi686android-tools6.0.1_r46-1Android platform tools22.06.2016 20:25
extrai686fuse2.9.7-1A library that makes it possible to implement a filesystem in a use...22.06.2016 19:30
extrai686v4l-utils1.10.1-1Userspace tools and conversion library for Video 4 Linux20.06.2016 20:33
corei686dhcpcd6.11.1-1RFC2131 compliant DHCP client daemon20.06.2016 19:58
communityanycodespell1.9.2-1Fix common misspellings in source code18.06.2016 01:55
communityi686fossil1.35-1Simple, high-reliability, distributed software configuration manage...16.06.2016 18:22
extrai686openmpi1.10.3-1High performance message passing library (MPI)16.06.2016 18:10
communityi686fio2.12-1Scriptable I/O tool for storage benchmarks and drive testing15.06.2016 05:37
communityi686rofi1.1.0-1Popup window switcher roughly based on superswitcher, requiring onl...15.06.2016 00:51
communityanyruby-mime-types-data3.2016.0521-1provides a registry for information about MIME media type definitions13.06.2016 19:34
extrai686vim-runtime7.4.1910-1Runtime for vim and gvim09.06.2016 18:37
extrai686gvim7.4.1910-1Vi Improved, a highly configurable, improved version of the vi text...09.06.2016 18:36
extrai686vim7.4.1910-1Vi Improved, a highly configurable, improved version of the vi text...09.06.2016 18:36
communityanyruby-pkg-config1.1.7-1Implementation of pkg-config in ruby07.06.2016 04:03
extrai686lua515.1.5-5Powerful lightweight programming language designed for extending ap...07.06.2016 00:10
extrai686lua5.3.3-1Powerful lightweight programming language designed for extending ap...07.06.2016 00:05
communityi686avr-gdb7.11.1-1The GNU Debugger for AVR01.06.2016 20:48
communityi686arm-none-eabi-gdb7.11.1-1The GNU Debugger for the ARM EABI (bare-metal) target01.06.2016 20:36
extrai686gdb7.11.1-1The GNU Debugger01.06.2016 20:31
communityanyarm-none-eabi-newlib2.4.0-3A C standard library implementation intended for use on embedded sy...31.05.2016 20:30
communityi686arm-none-eabi-gcc6.1.1-2The GNU Compiler Collection - cross compiler for ARM EABI (bare-met...31.05.2016 18:26
communityi686ruby-gtk23.0.8-1Ruby/GTK2 is a Ruby binding of GTK+-2.x.27.05.2016 23:01
communityi686ruby-pango3.0.8-1Ruby/Pango is a Ruby binding of pango-1.x.27.05.2016 22:56
communityi686ruby-gdk_pixbuf23.0.8-1Ruby/GdkPixbuf2 is a Ruby binding of GdkPixbuf-2.x.27.05.2016 22:54
communityi686ruby-atk3.0.8-1Ruby/ATK is a Ruby binding of ATK-1.0.x.27.05.2016 22:52
communityi686ruby-glib23.0.8-1Ruby/GLib2 is a Ruby binding of GLib-2.x.27.05.2016 22:48
extraanylinux-manpages4.6-1Kernel hackers manual - Section 9 manpages that comes with the Linu...26.05.2016 18:09
communityanyruby-mime-types3.1-1MIME Content-Type database23.05.2016 20:01
communityi686ruby-rdiscount2.2.0.1-1Fast Implementation of Gruber's Markdown in C09.05.2016 20:24
extrai686hwloc1.11.3-2Portable Hardware Locality is a portable abstraction of hierarchica...08.05.2016 18:39
extrai686re2c0.16-1A tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions07.05.2016 09:43
extrai686talloc2.1.7-1Hierarchical pool based memory allocator with destructors06.05.2016 19:45