Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityanypostfwd1.35-2Combines complex postfix restrictions in a ruleset similar to those...31.08.2013 19:44
communityanyperl-file-tail1.3-1Perl extension for reading from continously updated files12.03.2016 18:33
extraanyperl-io-socket-inet62.72-1Object interface for AF_INET|AF_INET6 domain sockets14.02.2014 11:53
communityanyinxi2.2.38-1script to get system information10.04.2016 16:00
communityanytenshi0.15-1real-time log monitor from the Gentoo Linux project07.08.2014 10:00
communityanyrsnapshot1.4.2-1A remote filesystem snapshot utility09.01.2016 17:18
communityanyperl-file-next1.12-1File-finding iterator06.08.2013 18:31
extraanyperl-image-exiftool10.10-1Reader and rewriter of EXIF informations that supports raw files23.01.2016 09:31
communityanyswaks20130209.0-2Swiss Army Knife SMTP; Command line SMTP testing, including TLS and...23.03.2014 13:20
coreanypacman-mirrorlist20160424-1Arch Linux mirror list for use by pacman24.04.2016 18:51
communityanyperl-rename1.9-1Renames multiple files using Perl regular expressions.04.07.2014 14:53
communityanyasciidoc8.6.9-2Text document format for short documents, articles, books and UNIX ...14.09.2014 17:59
communityanyperl-cpanplus-dist-arch1.32-1CPANPLUS backend for building ArchLinux pacman packages07.10.2015 18:27
coreanynetctl1.11-1Profile based systemd network management17.06.2015 10:27
communityanyperl-object-accessor0.48-1Per object accessors03.06.2014 11:59
communityanyack2.14-1A Perl-based grep replacement, aimed at programmers with large tree...04.09.2014 12:59
communityanyperl-cgi-fast2.10-1CGI Interface for Fast CGI12.03.2016 19:07
communityanypython-ansi2html1.1.1-1Convert text with ANSI color codes to HTML14.03.2016 10:50
communityanyperl-net-openssh0.70-1Perl SSH client package implemented on top of OpenSSH01.03.2016 10:38
communityanyperl-cgi4.27-1Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses12.03.2016 18:34
communityanymailgraph1.14-4A very simple mail statistics RRDtool frontend for Postfix and Send...29.12.2014 21:08
communityanyzim0.65-3A WYSIWYG text editor that aims at bringing the concept of a wiki t...30.04.2016 13:56
communityanyspampd2.30-11Spamassassin Proxy Daemon09.01.2016 17:37
communityanyperl-log-message-simple0.10-1Simplified interface to Log::Message03.06.2014 11:26
extraanyperl-config-simple4.59-6Simple configuration file class to create and read config files25.09.2013 22:10
communityanysmokeping2.6.11-3A tool to keep track of your network latency12.01.2016 00:15
communityanypydf12-1A colorized df clone08.01.2015 19:42
communityanyperl-log-message0.08-1Powerful and flexible message logging mechanism03.06.2014 11:21
communityanyperl-io-bufferedselect1.0-4Line-buffered select interface23.03.2014 11:56
extraanyperl-mail-dkim0.40-1Implements DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)11.04.2013 11:06
communityanyvimpager2.06-1A vim-based script to use as a PAGER.09.08.2015 17:53
communityi686tls1.6.7-2OpenSSL extension to Tcl02.03.2016 19:25
communityi686epic42.10.5-3It's a new direction in ircII development02.03.2016 19:16
communityi686siege4.0.1-1An http regression testing and benchmarking utility15.04.2016 21:26
corei686wpa_supplicant1:2.5-3A utility providing key negotiation for WPA wireless networks02.03.2016 19:27
communityi686bsd-games2.17-16A linux port for a collection of BSD command line games.05.12.2015 19:50
extrai686transmission-cli2.92-1Fast, easy, and free BitTorrent client (CLI tools, daemon and web c...13.03.2016 20:34
communityi686ode0.13.1-2An open source, high performance library for simulating rigid body ...05.12.2015 19:20
extrai686icewm1.3.8-4A Window Manager designed for speed, usability, and consistency06.12.2015 19:32
corei686perl5.22.1-2A highly capable, feature-rich programming language07.03.2016 19:27
communityi686png2ico20021208-7Converts PNG files to Windows icon resource files05.12.2015 19:24
communityi686bip0.8.9-6Multiuser IRC proxy that supports replaying of logged conversations.02.03.2016 19:26
extrai686taglib1.10-3A Library for reading and editing the meta-data of several popular ...06.12.2015 14:29
communityi686obconf2.0.4-4A GTK2 based configuration tool for the Openbox windowmanager30.04.2016 15:54
extrai686festival2.4-2A general multi-lingual speech synthesis system05.12.2015 19:45
communityi686highlight-gui3.28-1Fast and flexible source code highlighter (Qt version)12.03.2016 18:31
communityi686highlight3.28-1Fast and flexible source code highlighter (CLI version)12.03.2016 18:31
communityi686ripperx2.8.0-2GTK program to rip and encode mp3 files06.12.2015 18:42
extrai686qtscriptgenerator0.2.0-4A tool that generates Qt bindings for Qt Script06.12.2015 19:51
extrai686perl-crypt-openssl-rsa0.28-6Interface to OpenSSL RSA methods02.06.2015 11:37