Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
extrai686chmlib0.40-4Library for dealing with Microsoft ITSS/CHM format files03.01.2014 09:38
communityi686quesoglc0.7.2-3A free implementation of the OpenGL Character Renderer (GLC)03.01.2014 12:05
extrai686ffcall1.10-6C library for implementing foreign function calls in embedded inter...03.01.2014 19:02
extrai686taglib-sharp2.1.0.0-2Library for reading and writing metadata in media files for Mono05.01.2014 11:45
communityanymythes-pl1.5-2Polish thesaurus21.01.2014 18:30
communityi686pidgin-toobars1.14-2Pidgin plugin that adds a toolbar and status bar to the buddy list21.01.2014 18:37
extrai686python2-iwscan20090609-5A Python interface to iwlist, using the iwlib library01.02.2014 19:27
communityanycddb_get2.28-1Fetches CDDB info for an audio cd.25.02.2014 15:48
communityanyhyphen-pl20081206-2Polish hyphenation rules26.04.2014 20:32
extrai686bootchart1.20-2A 'startup' graphing tool18.08.2014 10:35
communityanyhyphen-hu20100512-1Hungarian hyphenation rules18.08.2014 10:39
communityanymythes-nl20140818-1Dutch thesaurus18.08.2014 10:41
extrai686nss-mdns0.10-6glibc plugin providing host name resolution via mDNS18.08.2014 10:44
extrai686libva-vdpau-driver0.7.4-2VDPAU backend for VA API18.08.2014 10:52
communityanyhunspell-hu1.6.1-3Hungarian hunspell dictionary18.08.2014 11:01
corei686mkinitcpio-nfs-utils0.3-5ipconfig and nfsmount tools for NFS root support in mkinitcpio18.08.2014 11:02
extrai686python2-telepathy0.15.19-5Python libraries for use in Telepathy clients and connection managers13.09.2014 11:58
extrai686libkate0.4.1-5A karaoke and text codec for embedding in ogg13.09.2014 11:59
extrai686libbonoboui2.24.5-3User Interface library for Bonobo20.09.2014 10:20
extrai686libogg1.3.2-1Ogg bitstream and framing library13.10.2014 09:22
communityi686aspell-uk1.8.0-1Ukrainian dictionary for aspell22.11.2014 21:23
extrai686haveged1.9.1-2Entropy harvesting daemon using CPU timings14.01.2015 22:28
extrai686libvorbis1.3.5-1Vorbis codec library15.04.2015 08:32
communityanypass1.6.5-2Stores, retrieves, generates, and synchronizes passwords securely16.06.2015 21:36
extrai686xvidcore1.3.4-1XviD is an open source MPEG-4 video codec02.07.2015 11:34
communityanypython-prettytable0.7.2-7A simple Python library for easily displaying tabular data25.10.2015 20:17
communityanypython2-prettytable0.7.2-7A simple Python library for easily displaying tabular data25.10.2015 20:17
extrai686libmodplug0.8.8.5-2A MOD playing library05.12.2015 16:15
communityi686rubiks20070912-2Several programs for working with Rubik's cubes05.12.2015 16:17
communityi686zinnia0.06-4Simple, customizable and portable online hand recognition system ba...05.12.2015 16:18
communityi686extundelete0.2.4-3Utility for recovering deleted files from ext2, ext3 or ext4 partit...05.12.2015 16:19
communityi686silly0.1.0-7Simple Image Loading LibrarY, a part of the CEGUI project05.12.2015 16:21
communityi686dxpc3.9.2-6Differential X Protocol Compressor05.12.2015 16:22
communityi686discid0.1.3-7A program to calculate the disc-ID for audio compact discs05.12.2015 16:22
extrai686ilmbase2.2.0-2Base libraries from ILM for OpenEXR05.12.2015 16:29
communityi686freeimage3.17.0-2Library project for developers who would like to support popular gr...05.12.2015 16:32
extrai686qqwing1.3.4-2Sudoku generating and solving software05.12.2015 16:34
extrai686dvd+rw-tools7.1-7dvd burning tools05.12.2015 16:35
communityi686qpress1.1-2File archiver using QuickLZ and designed to utilize fast storage sy...05.12.2015 16:36
extrai686cppunit1.13.2-2A C++ unit testing framework05.12.2015 16:38
communityi686atomicparsley0.9.0-6A command line program for reading, parsing and setting iTunes-styl...05.12.2015 16:39
communityi686libsynaptics0.14.6c-7Library for accessing synaptics touchpads05.12.2015 16:40
communityi686clthreads2.4.0-2C++ wrapper library around the POSIX threads API05.12.2015 16:42
communityi686kyotocabinet1.2.76-5a modern implementation of DBM in C++05.12.2015 16:43
communityi686rlog1.4-6A flexible message logging facility for C++ programs and libraries05.12.2015 16:44
extrai686sbsms2.0.2-2Library for time stretching and pitch scaling of audio05.12.2015 16:46
communityi686log4cpp1.1.1-2A library of C++ classes for flexible logging to files, syslog, IDS...05.12.2015 16:51
communityi686steghide0.5.1-8Embeds a message in a file by replacing some of the least significa...05.12.2015 16:52
communityi686ivtv-utils1.4.1-7Userspace utilities for Hauppauge PVR cards05.12.2015 17:18
communityi686par2cmdline0.6.14-3A PAR 2.0 compatible file verification and repair tool05.12.2015 17:29