Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityanytimidity-freepats20060219-7A free and open set of instrument patches for use with softsynths06.07.2014 12:48
communityanyjsampler0.9-3LinuxSampler Java GUI06.07.2014 11:16
extrai686sratom0.4.6-1An LV2 Atom RDF serialisation library29.10.2014 22:20
extrai686ardour4.7-1Professional-grade digital audio workstation02.03.2016 22:43
extrai686snd16.8-1An advanced sound editor27.09.2016 13:41
extrai686qsynth0.4.2-1Qt GUI for FluidSynth20.10.2016 00:07
communityi686solfege3.22.2-2Music education and ear training software09.10.2013 21:17
extrai686qjackctl0.4.3-1A Qt front-end for the JACK low-latency audio server19.10.2016 23:14
extrai686lv21.12.0-1Successor to the LADSPA audio plug-in standard29.04.2015 22:04
communityi686imdbpy5.0-1Python bindings for the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)25.06.2014 18:17
extrai686lilv0.22.0-2A C library interface to the LV2 plug-in standard11.03.2016 21:24
testingi686lv21.14.0-2Successor to the LADSPA audio plug-in standard20.10.2016 10:23
extrai686vamp-plugin-sdk2.6-1The Vamp audio analysis plug-in system02.03.2016 23:00
extrai686liblo1:0.28-1A lightweight OSC (Open Sound Control) implementation03.02.2014 10:38
extrai686sweep0.9.3-3Sound editing and mixing program11.08.2014 22:34
extrai686ddrescue1.21-1GNU data recovery tool10.05.2016 13:50