Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686perl-net-dropbox-api1.9-3Net::Dropbox::API - Perl dropbox API interface25.07.2014 08:33
communityi686radeontool1.6.3-2Lowlevel tools to tweak register and dump state on radeon GPUs09.07.2014 14:35
communityi686fcitx-fbterm0.2.0-3Fbterm support for Fcitx.01.07.2014 08:09
communityanynuvexport2:0.5-3Export MythTV .nuv and .mpeg files to other formats01.07.2014 10:08
communityanypython2-oauth1.0.1-3An open protocol to allow API authentication from desktop and web a...28.01.2014 15:25
communityi686ccrypt1.10-2A command-line utility for encrypting and decrypting files and streams05.07.2014 07:58
communityi686mcdp0.4b-3Small console cd player06.07.2014 14:40
communityanypydb1.26-3Pydb - Extended Python Debugger07.07.2014 04:29
communityi686libgoom22k4-3Shared library part of the Goom visualization plugin05.07.2014 04:34
communityi686wavegain1.3.1-2A command line tool to normalize sound files09.07.2014 12:55
communityi686ibus-table-extraphrase1.3.9.20110826-2The extra phrases of tables engines for IBus01.07.2014 09:11
communityanyvim-a2.18-7alternate files in vim quickly (.c -> .h etc)05.07.2014 06:21
communityi686glitz0.5.6-5OpenGL image compositing library04.07.2014 08:53
communityanyperl-locale-maketext-lexicon1.00-1Perl/CPAN Module Locale::Maketext::Lexicon : Use other catalog form...10.04.2014 14:31
communityanypython2-suds0.4-4A lightweight SOAP python client03.12.2013 03:59
communityi686fcitx-configtool0.4.8-1GTK based config tool for Fcitx27.10.2013 05:14
communityi686nspluginwrapper1.4.4-3Cross-platform NPAPI compatible plugin viewer12.07.2014 19:40
communityanypython2-musicbrainz20.7.4-3A client library written in python which provides easy object orien...04.07.2014 09:41
communityanybass1.2-11Beneath A Steel Sky is a 2D point-and-click science fiction thrille...05.07.2014 05:08
communityanyman-pages-zh_tw1.5.2-3Traditional Chinese Linux man pages11.07.2013 04:02
communityi686premake33.7-3A simple build configuration and project generation tool using lua05.07.2014 05:59
communityi686lcab1.0b12-5A program to make Microsoft cabinet files05.07.2014 04:33
communityi686vorbisgain0.37-4A utility that computes the ReplayGain values for Ogg Vorbis files.07.07.2014 05:01
communityanyibus-table-chinese1.8.2-1Some table-based input method of tables engines for IBus10.06.2014 16:47
communityi686vamps0.99.2-11Very fast requantisizing tool for backup DVDs09.07.2014 12:59
communityi686gdmap0.8.1-4Tool to inspect the used space of folders.06.07.2014 14:03
communityi686gavl1.4.0-2A low level library, upon which multimedia APIs can be built.04.07.2014 08:29
communityanyperl-extutils-helpers0.022-2ExtUtils::Helpers - Various portability utilities for module builders23.07.2014 12:24
communityi686python2-pyxmpp1.1.2-4Python XMPP and Jabber implementation based on libxml204.07.2014 10:13
communityi686fcitx-cloudpinyin0.3.4-1Standalone module for fcitx that uses pinyin API on the internet to...18.05.2014 19:20
communityanynopaste0.1-4A simple paste script for pastie.org05.07.2014 05:51
communityanypython2-iniparse0.4-4Better INI parser library for Python04.07.2014 09:29
communityanybashburn3.1.0-2A cd burning shell script05.07.2014 08:51
communityanyman-pages-zh_cn1.5.2-3Simplified Chinese Linux man pages11.07.2013 04:01
communityi686premake4.3-4A simple build configuration and project generation tool using lua05.07.2014 05:59
communityi686lal1.1-3A simple dockapp to display the date and/or time06.07.2014 14:17
communityanyvim-workspace1.0b1-7vim workspace manager plugin for managing groups of files05.07.2014 07:47
communityi686ibus-rime1.2-1Rime input method engine for ibus19.07.2014 13:24
communityi686twolame0.3.13-7An optimized MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2) encoder02.07.2014 07:49
communityi686ftjam2.5.3rc2-4FT Jam - an enhanced version of the Jam build tool30.06.2014 18:34
communityanyperl-extutils-config0.008-1ExtUtils::Config - A wrapper for perl's configuration01.08.2014 07:43
communityanypython2-pyx0.12.1-2Python library for the creation of PostScript and PDF files24.03.2014 17:25
communityi686fcitx-chewing0.2.2-1Fcitx Wrapper for chewing18.05.2014 19:17
communityanynini1.1.0-5An uncommonly powerful .NET configuration library designed to help ...04.07.2014 17:16
communityi686python2-fuse0.2.1-5Python bindings for FUSE04.07.2014 17:34
communityi686aspell-ru0.99f7-6Russian dictionary for aspell01.07.2014 02:48
communityanyman-pages-cs0.18.20090209-5Czech man pages06.07.2014 14:32
communityanypoppler-sharp0.0.3-2C Sharp bindings for Poppler04.07.2014 17:17
communityi686kakasi2.3.6-1Convert Kanji characters to Hiragana, Katakana or Romaji18.04.2014 15:09
communityanyvim-taglist46-2A source code browser plugin for vim05.07.2014 07:25