Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityanypysolfc-cardsets2.0-3A collection of cardsets adapted for use with PySolFC05.07.2014 08:45
communityi686aspell-ca2.3.0-2Catalan dictionary for aspell05.07.2014 08:47
communityi686libunique33.0.2-3Library for writing single instance applications for GTK330.06.2014 16:41
communityi686pidgin-encryption3.1-3A Pidgin plugin providing transparent RSA encryption using NSS04.07.2014 09:19
communityi686kaa-imlib20.2.3-6KAA imlib2 package03.07.2014 18:27
communityanyvim-project1.4.1-7Organize and navigate projects of files (like an ide/buffer explorer)05.07.2014 07:25
communityi686gpg-crypter0.4.1-2A graphical front-end to GnuPG(GPG) using the GTK3 toolkit and libg...06.07.2014 14:06
communityi686skktools1.3.3-2Dictionary maintenance tools for the SKK Japanese input method31.07.2013 07:12
communityi686fcitx-ui-light0.1.3-3Light weight xlib and xft based ui for fcitx.01.07.2014 08:41
communityanyperformous-freesongs20100713-3A collection of free songs for performous game09.07.2014 14:40
communityanypython2-poster0.8.1-3A set of classes and functions to faciliate making HTTP POST (or PU...28.01.2014 15:37
communityi686dumb0.9.3-8IT, XM, S3M and MOD player library04.07.2014 08:01
communityanymp32ogg0.11-10A perl script to convert MP3 files to Ogg Vorbis files02.07.2014 09:13
communityi686pysol-sound-server3.01-9A Python extension module that plays WAV samples together with MP3 ...05.07.2014 08:44
communityanyarchlinux-wallpaper1.4-2A variety of Arch Linux branded wallpapers30.06.2014 18:32
communityi686liboggz1.1.1-4A simple programming interface for reading and writing Ogg files an...11.08.2014 14:42
communityanyperl-universal-can1.20140328-1Hack around people calling UNIVERSAL::can() as a function10.04.2014 14:40
communityi686zh-autoconvert0.3.16-3An intelligent Chinese Encoding converter22.10.2013 09:12
communityi686kaa-base0.6.0-5KAA base package03.07.2014 10:08
communityanyvim-omnicppcomplete0.4.1-7vim c++ completion omnifunc with a ctags database05.07.2014 06:39
communityi686gnome-web-photo0.10.6-2Generate full-size image files and thumbnails from HTML files and w...04.07.2014 11:24
communityanysauerbraten-data2013_02_03_collect_edition-2Improved version of the Cube engine - datas files09.07.2014 14:55
communityi686fcitx-m17n0.2.3-1Fcitx Wrapper for m17n.18.05.2014 19:22
communityi686osdbattery1.4-6Displays battery information in the OSD style07.07.2014 04:26
communityanypython2-openid2.2.5-4OpenID library for Python26.11.2013 04:20
communityi686dcfldd1.3.4.1-4DCFL (DoD Computer Forensics Lab) dd replacement with hashing04.07.2014 07:52
communityanymoc-tray0.4-3Simple tray icon for music on console06.07.2014 14:43
communityi686mmsrip0.7.0-5A downloader for the proprietary protocol MMS://06.07.2014 14:43
communityanypydb1.26-3Pydb - Extended Python Debugger07.07.2014 04:29
communityi686libkkc-data0.2.7-1Language model data package for libkkc29.07.2013 06:05
communityanyperl-net-oauth0.28-4An implementation of the OAuth protocol25.07.2014 08:20
communityi686yamdi1.9-2A metadata injector for FLV files01.07.2014 10:55
communityanyinterlis-compiler4.2.0-4Compiler for INTERLIS 204.07.2014 09:04
communityanyvim-doxygentoolkit0.2.13-3This script simplify doxygen documentation in C/C++05.07.2014 06:36
communityi686glitz0.5.6-5OpenGL image compositing library04.07.2014 08:53
communityi686raw-thumbnailer0.2.1-2A lightweight and fast raw image thumbnailer that can be used by fi...03.07.2014 18:32
communityi686fcitx-fbterm0.2.0-3Fbterm support for Fcitx.01.07.2014 08:09
communityanyopenbox-themes1.0.2-3Various themes for the Openbox window manager.04.07.2014 09:09
communityanypython2-oauth1.0.1-3An open protocol to allow API authentication from desktop and web a...28.01.2014 15:25
communityi686ccrypt1.10-2A command-line utility for encrypting and decrypting files and streams05.07.2014 07:58
communityi686mcdp0.4b-3Small console cd player06.07.2014 14:40
communityi686premake33.7-3A simple build configuration and project generation tool using lua05.07.2014 05:59
communityi686libgoom22k4-3Shared library part of the Goom visualization plugin05.07.2014 04:34
communityi686xtmsplit0.2-4Xtremsplit-compliant file splitter/merger07.07.2014 05:04
communityi686ibus-table-extraphrase1.3.9.20110826-2The extra phrases of tables engines for IBus01.07.2014 09:11
communityanyvim-a2.18-7alternate files in vim quickly (.c -> .h etc)05.07.2014 06:21
communityi686gdmap0.8.1-4Tool to inspect the used space of folders.06.07.2014 14:03
communityi686radeontool1.6.3-2Lowlevel tools to tweak register and dump state on radeon GPUs09.07.2014 14:35
communityi686fcitx-configtool0.4.8-1GTK based config tool for Fcitx27.10.2013 05:14
communityanynuvexport2:0.5-3Export MythTV .nuv and .mpeg files to other formats01.07.2014 10:08