Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
extrai686tree1.7.0-1A directory listing program displaying a depth indented list of files24.04.2014 20:19
extrai686tcpdump4.7.4-1A tool for network monitoring and data acquisition23.04.2015 16:44
communityi686srm1.2.15-1A secure replacement for rm(1) that overwrites data before unlinking01.03.2015 15:09
extrai686speedtouch1.3.1-5Driver for the ADSL Speed Touch USB modem19.05.2013 14:40
communityi686sopcast3.2.6-1The Streaming Direct Broadcast System based on P2P30.04.2014 17:21
communityi686setserial2.17-5Allows to change various attributes of a serial device26.03.2014 19:07
extrai686psiconv0.9.9-1Converts Psion 5(MX) files to more commonly used file formats25.03.2015 18:25
extrai686perl-net-upnp1.4.3-1Perl Module UPnP20.12.2014 16:08
extraanyperl-io-stringy2.111-1I/O on in-core objects like strings/arrays04.08.2015 09:06
communityi686normalize0.7.7-7A tool for adjusting the volume of WAV files to a standard level26.03.2014 19:28
extrai686libupnp1.6.19-1Portable Open Source UPnP Development Kit17.11.2013 11:35
extrai686libtar1.2.20-2C library for manipulating POSIX tar files01.09.2014 16:26
extrai686libdvbpsi1:1.3.0-1A library designed for decoding and generation of MPEG TS and DVB P...09.06.2015 09:02
communityi686isapnptools1.27-4Allow ISA Plug-And-Play devices to be configured on a Linux machine19.05.2013 14:07
communityi686gtkimageview1.6.4-4Simple image viewer widget for GTK212.01.2014 21:29
communityi686gif2png2.5.9-1A GIF to PNG image format converter23.10.2014 13:55
extrai686fribidi0.19.7-1A Free Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm08.08.2015 18:01
extrai686dmidecode3.0-1Desktop Management Interface table related utilities12.09.2015 16:16
communityi686diffstat1.60-1Display a histogram of diff changes08.07.2015 16:47
communityi686cabextract1.6-1A program to extract Microsoft cabinet (.CAB) files03.08.2015 08:17
extrai686asio1.10.6-1Cross-platform C++ library for ASynchronous network I/O04.04.2015 15:57