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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
extraanyjava-gnumail1.1.2-2GNU implementation of the JavaMail API specification, version 1.301.07.2014 13:26
extraanyjava-commons-net11.4.1-2Apache library that implements the client side of many basic Intern...01.07.2014 13:26
extraanyjava-activation-gnu1.1.1-2JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF), framework for declaring what ...01.07.2014 13:25
extraanycowsay3.03-9Configurable talking cow (and a few other creatures)01.07.2014 13:24
extraanyjava-jline1.0-3Java library for handling console input02.03.2014 19:56
extraanyxerces2-java2.11.0-3High performance fully compliant Java XML parser29.01.2014 22:15
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