Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
extrai686a2ps4.14-7An Any to PostScript filter05.05.2016 23:32
extrai686aalib1.4rc5-12A portable ASCII art graphic library05.05.2016 23:34
extrai686accounts-qml-module0.7-1Expose the Online Accounts API to QML applications14.06.2016 12:29
communityi686acetoneiso22.3-8An all in one ISO tool (bin mdf nrg img daa dmg cdi b5i bwi pdi iso)07.02.2017 09:42
communityi686activity-log-manager0.9.7-5A graphical user interface which lets you easily control what gets ...23.05.2016 22:34
extrai686akonadi16.12.2-1PIM layer, which provides an asynchronous API to access all kind of...09.02.2017 12:49
extrai686akonadi-calendar16.12.2-1Akonadi calendar integration09.02.2017 12:51
extrai686akonadi-calendar-tools16.12.2-1CLI tools to manage akonadi calendars09.02.2017 13:56
extrai686akonadi-contacts16.12.2-1Libraries and daemons to implement Contact Management in Akonadi09.02.2017 12:50
extrai686akonadi-import-wizard16.12.2-1Import data from other mail clients to KMail09.02.2017 13:56
extrai686akonadi-mime16.12.2-1Libraries and daemons to implement basic email handling09.02.2017 12:49
extrai686akonadi-notes16.12.2-1Libraries and daemons to implement management of notes in Akonadi09.02.2017 12:50
extrai686akonadi-qt41.13.0-12PIM layer, which provides an asynchronous API to access all kind of...02.01.2017 11:09
extrai686akonadi-search16.12.2-1Libraries and daemons to implement searching in Akonadi09.02.2017 12:51
extrai686akonadiconsole16.12.2-1Akonadi management and debugging console09.02.2017 13:56
extrai686akregator16.12.2-1A Feed Reader by KDE09.02.2017 13:57
communityi686allegro44.4.2-4Portable library mainly aimed at video game and multimedia programm...23.04.2016 21:46
extrai686alsa-tools1.1.3-1Advanced tools for certain sound cards29.01.2017 18:29
extrai686alsaplayer0.99.81-8A heavily multi-threaded PCM player that tries to excercise the ALS...05.05.2016 23:37
communityi686alure1.2-4Utility library to help manage common tasks with OpenAL applications.06.12.2015 18:31
extrai686amarok2.8.0-15The powerful music player for KDE16.02.2017 08:47
communityi686ams2.1.2-1A realtime modular synthesizer and effect processor07.08.2016 13:29
extrai686amule10983-2An eMule-like client for ed2k p2p network23.01.2017 12:45
extrai686analitza16.12.2-1A library to add mathematical features to your program09.02.2017 12:42
extrai686appstream0.10.6-1Provides a standard for creating app stores across distributions22.01.2017 22:04
communityi686appstream-generator0.6.1-1A fast AppStream metadata generator01.01.2017 19:07
extrai686appstream-qt0.10.6-1Qt5 interface for AppStream22.01.2017 22:04
communityi686arb2.9.0-1C library for arbitrary-precision floating-point ball arithmetic02.12.2016 19:42
communityanyarchlinux-appstream-data20161217-1Arch Linux application database for AppStream-based software centers17.12.2016 13:32
extraanyarchlinux-menus2.5-3Arch Linux specific XDG-compliant menu07.08.2016 21:59
extrai686ark16.12.2-1Archiving Tool09.02.2017 14:17
extrai686artikulate16.12.2-1Improve your pronunciation by listening to native speakers09.02.2017 13:11
extrai686asio1.10.8-1Cross-platform C++ library for ASynchronous network I/O22.09.2016 18:41
communityi686aspell-pl20160809-1Polish dictionary for aspell09.08.2016 20:31
communityi686assaultcube1.2.0.2-3A realistic team oriented multiplayer FPS based on the Cube engine07.08.2016 16:24
communityi686asunder2.8-3a graphical CD ripper and encoder13.05.2016 22:44
communityi686atril1.16.1-2MATE document viewer (GTK2 version)19.01.2017 23:24
communityi686atril-gtk31.16.1-1MATE document viewer (GTK3 version)02.11.2016 21:50
extrai686attica-qt55.31.0-1Qt5 library that implements the Open Collaboration Services API10.02.2017 21:21
extrai686aubio0.4.2-2A tool for extracting annotations from audio signals17.02.2016 21:57
communityanyauctex11.90-1An extensible package for writing and formatting TeX files in Emacs19.01.2017 20:28
extrai686audacity2.1.2-3A program that lets you manipulate digital audio waveforms05.05.2016 23:56
communityi686audex0.79-5A CDDA extraction tool with a ftp upload function for KDE11.11.2016 14:43
extrai686audiocd-kio16.12.2-1Kioslave for accessing audio CDs09.02.2017 13:38
extrai686audiocd-kio416.08.3-2Kioslave for accessing audio CDs16.02.2017 12:51
extrai686avogadrolibs1.90.0-3An advanced molecular editor18.01.2017 20:29
communityi686baka-mplayer2.0.4-2A free and open source, cross-platform, libmpv based multimedia pla...07.12.2015 13:32
extrai686baloo5.31.0-1A framework for searching and managing metadata10.02.2017 21:32
extrai686baloo-widgets16.12.2-1Widgets for Baloo09.02.2017 12:44
communityi686barcode0.99-3A tool to convert text strings to printed bars07.05.2016 18:53