Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686guvcview2.0.5-1A video viewer and capturer for the linux uvc driver15.03.2017 08:27
communityi686ams2.1.2-1A realtime modular synthesizer and effect processor07.08.2016 13:29
communityi686ode0.14-1An open source, high performance library for simulating rigid body ...12.10.2016 18:58
communityanysubdownloader2.0.18-4Automatic download/upload of subtitles using fast hashing20.05.2016 21:10
communityi686liblphobos1:1.1.1-1A D Compiler based on the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure including D ...04.03.2017 10:11
communityi686qmidiarp0.6.3-2A MIDI arpeggiator, phrase generator and controller LFO for the ALS...08.05.2016 15:29
communityi686mate-system-monitor1.18.0-1A system monitor for MATE17.03.2017 22:19
communityanycimg1.7.1-1Open-source C++ toolkit for image processing23.05.2016 22:29
communityi686gnuradio3.7.10.1-3General purpose DSP and SDR toolkit. With drivers for usrp and fcd.04.01.2017 10:47
communityi686meataxe2.4.24-4A set of programs for working with matrix representations over fini...28.03.2016 20:41
communityi686mythplugins-mythweb1:0.28.1-1Web interface for the MythTV scheduler01.03.2017 23:47
communityi686smtube17.1.0-1A small youtube browser22.02.2017 08:53
communityi686fplll5.0.3-1Lattice algorithms using floating-point arithmetic19.10.2016 23:15
communityi686krename4.0.9-7A very powerful batch file renamer for KDE07.05.2016 14:53
communityanypython2-autobahn0.17.2-2Real-time framework for Web, Mobile & Internet of Things26.02.2017 11:34
communityi686appstream-generator0.6.3-1A fast AppStream metadata generator08.03.2017 22:34
communityi686mate-notification-daemon1.18.0-1Notification daemon for MATE17.03.2017 21:55
communityi686caja-sendto1.18.0-1A Caja extension for sending files (GTK2 version)17.03.2017 20:36
communityi686gemrb0.8.4-2OSS implementation of Bioware's Infinity Engine which supports eg. ...13.05.2016 22:32
communityi686qtkeychain0.7.0-1Provides support for secure credentials storage05.06.2016 13:53
communityi686kbibtex0.6.2-1A BibTeX editor for KDE19.03.2017 22:59
communityi686povray1:3.7-14Script based raytracer for creating 3D graphics04.01.2017 11:19
communityi686zaz1.0.0-7Puzzle game where the player has to arrange balls in triplets14.05.2016 13:00
communityanymate-common1.18.0-1Common development macros for MATE17.03.2017 21:25
communityi686sakura3.3.4-2A terminal emulator based on GTK and VTE13.05.2016 22:05
communityi686bup0.29-1Efficient backup system based on the git packfile format01.01.2017 18:39
communityi686fbreader0.99.4-6An e-book reader for Linux07.12.2015 02:10
communityi686java-atk-wrapper0.33.2-1ATK wrapper for screen reader access to Java Swing applications09.07.2016 13:05
communityi686perl-term-readline-gnu1.35-1GNU Readline XS library wrapper14.01.2017 20:05
communityi686wvdial1.61-6A dialer program to connect to the Internet06.12.2015 02:06
communityanythree.jsr84-1A JavaScript 3D Library which makes WebGL simpler02.02.2017 23:23
communityi686lrs062-2C implementation of the reverse search algorithm for vertex enumera...24.11.2016 19:43
communityanysage-data-elliptic_curves0.8-2Database of elliptic curves for SageMath22.10.2016 11:12
communityi686audex0.79-5A CDDA extraction tool with a ftp upload function for KDE11.11.2016 14:43
communityi686dvdisaster0.72.6-3Provides a margin of safety against data loss on CD and DVD media c...07.05.2016 14:39
communityi686kpmcore3.0.3-1Library for managing partitions05.02.2017 22:41
communityanypari-galdata20080411-1PARI database needed to compute Galois group in degrees 8 through 1121.12.2014 12:07
communityi686udevil0.4.4-1Mount and unmount without password14.05.2015 21:09
communityi686xcas1.2.3.27-1A free computer algebra system16.03.2017 20:56
communityanylibreoffice-extension-texmaths0.43-1A LaTeX equation editor for LibreOffice23.03.2017 13:46
communityi686rankwidth0.7-1A program that calculates rank-width and rank-decompositions16.07.2015 21:30
communityi686minitube2.6-1A native YouTube client in Qt. Watch YouTube videos without Flash P...03.02.2017 19:06
communityi686coin-or-osi0.107.8-4COIN-OR Open Solver Interface04.04.2016 19:23
communityi686maxima-ecl5.39.0-1A sophisticated computer algebra system (compiled against ecl)12.12.2016 19:11
communityi686coin-or-mp1.8.3-5C-API library that supports most of the functionality of CLP (Coin ...04.04.2016 19:46
communityi686gtkpod2.1.5-4A platform independent GUI for Apple's iPod using GTK319.01.2017 23:37
communityi686alure1.2-4Utility library to help manage common tasks with OpenAL applications.06.12.2015 18:31
communityi686ocrad0.25-3An Optical Character Recognition program07.05.2016 19:04
communityi686sshfs2.8-1FUSE client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol08.08.2016 18:43
communityi686libircclient1.9-1Small but powerful library, which implements client-server IRC prot...18.09.2016 01:40