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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
extraanytexlive-plainextra2015.38696-1TeX Live - A collection of add-on packages and macros for plain TeX14.11.2015 22:34
extraanytexlive-pstricks2015.38821-1TeX Live - Additional PSTricks packages14.11.2015 22:34
extraanytexlive-pictures2015.38755-1TeX Live - Packages for drawings graphics14.11.2015 22:29
extraanytexlive-latexextra2015.38831-1TeX Live - Large collection of add-on packages for LaTeX14.11.2015 22:29
extraanytexlive-music2015.38340-1TeX Live - Music typesetting packages14.11.2015 22:26
extraanytexlive-langkorean2015.38727-1TeX Live - Fonts and macro packages to typeset Korean texts14.11.2015 22:23
extraanytexlive-langjapanese2015.38810-1TeX Live - Fonts and macro packages to typeset Japanese texts14.11.2015 22:23
extraanytexlive-langgreek2015.38707-1TeX Live - Fonts and support for typesetting Greek14.11.2015 22:20
extraanytexlive-langextra2015.38429-1TeX Live - Bundle of all extra language support14.11.2015 22:20
extraanytexlive-langcyrillic2015.38162-1TeX Live - Fonts and macro packages to typeset Cyrillic texts14.11.2015 22:15
extraanytexlive-langchinese2015.37889-1TeX Live - Fonts and macro packages to typeset Chinese texts14.11.2015 22:15
extraanytexlive-humanities2015.38717-1TeX Live - LaTeX packages for law, linguistics, social sciences, an...14.11.2015 22:07
extraanytexlive-genericextra2015.38503-1TeX Live - mixed bag of generic macro packages and fonts14.11.2015 22:04
extraanytexlive-games2015.38457-1TeX Live - Setups for typesetting various board games, including chess14.11.2015 22:03
extraanytexlive-fontsextra2015.38746-1TeX Live - all sorts of extra fonts14.11.2015 21:54
extraanytexlive-core2015.38835-1TeX Live core distribution14.11.2015 21:51
extraanytexlive-bibtexextra2015.38806-1TeX Live - Additional BibTeX styles and bibliography databases14.11.2015 21:48
extraanytexlive-formatsextra2015.36217-1TeX Live - collection of extra TeX 'formats'31.08.2015 23:24
extraanytexlive-langcjk2014.0-1TeX Live - CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) metapackage12.08.2014 21:37
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