Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityanygitlab-shell1:4.1.1-3Git management software22.03.2017 15:12
communityi686neovim0.1.7-3Fork of Vim aiming to improve user experience, plugins, and GUIs22.03.2017 15:04
communityi686gitlab8.17.4-1Project management and code hosting application21.03.2017 11:00
communityi686netdata1.6.0-1Real-time performance monitoring, in the greatest possible detail, ...21.03.2017 00:40
communityi686teamspeak33.1.2-1TeamSpeak is software for quality voice communication via the Internet21.03.2017 00:39
communityi686wine2.4-1A compatibility layer for running Windows programs18.03.2017 13:51
communityanypython2-werkzeug0.12.1-1Swiss Army knife of Python web development16.03.2017 00:32
communityanypython-werkzeug0.12.1-1Swiss Army knife of Python web development16.03.2017 00:32
communityi686emscripten1.37.5-1LLVM-based project that compiles C and C++ into highly-optimizable ...14.03.2017 19:51
communityi686virtualgl2.5.2-2Redirects 3D commands from an OpenGL application onto a server-side...13.03.2017 22:57
communityi686ripgrep0.5.0-1A search tool that combines the usability of ag with the raw speed ...13.03.2017 14:17
communityi686arrayfire3.4.2-1High performance software library for parallel computing with an ea...13.03.2017 01:52
communityi686naev0.6.1-32D action/rpg space game13.03.2017 01:37
communityi686forge1:0.9.2-4High Performance Visualizations13.03.2017 00:59
communityi686megaglest3.13.0-1Fork of Glest, a 3D real-time strategy game in a fantastic world09.03.2017 18:40
communityanymegaglest-data3.13.0-1Fork of Glest, a 3D real-time strategy game in a fantastic world (d...09.03.2017 18:36
communityanyruby2.3-bundler1.14.5-1Manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, acro...08.03.2017 10:09
communityi686rustfmt0.8-1A tool for formatting Rust code according to style guidelines08.03.2017 10:09
communityi686tiled0.18.2-1A general purpose tile map editor, built to be flexible and easy to...07.03.2017 17:40
communityi686csfml2.4-1C bindings for sfml03.03.2017 08:41
communityi686blender17:2.78.c-2A fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite03.03.2017 08:38
communityanyfabric1.13.1-2Python library and command-line tool designed to streamline deployi...03.03.2017 08:12
extrai686qtcreator4.2.1-3Lightweight, cross-platform integrated development environment01.03.2017 22:33
extrai686qbs1.7.1-3Qt build system01.03.2017 22:00
communityi686gitlab-runner1.11.0-1The official GitLab CI runner written in Go23.02.2017 23:29
communityi686rust-racer2.0.6-1Code completion for Rust23.02.2017 15:44
communityi686tokei6.0.0-1A blazingly fast CLOC(Count Lines Of Code) program19.02.2017 00:51
communityi686sfml2.4.2-1A simple, fast, cross-platform, and object-oriented multimedia API15.02.2017 11:27
communityanypostfixadmin3.0.2-1A web based interface used to manage mailboxes, virtual domains and...15.02.2017 00:06
communityi686nodm0.13-1X display manager for automatic logins12.02.2017 17:48
communityi686openmw0.41.0-3An open-source engine reimplementation for the role-playing game Mo...09.02.2017 17:11
communityi686gitlab-workhorse1.3.0-1HTTP server to unload Git HTTP traffic from GitLab Rails app (Unicorn)09.02.2017 16:13
communityi686vdrift2014.10.20-7Open source driving simulation made with drift racing in mind09.02.2017 16:10
extrai686bullet-docs2.86-1Documentation for bullet09.02.2017 15:20
extrai686bullet2.86-1A 3D Collision Detection and Rigid Body Dynamics Library for games ...09.02.2017 15:19
communityi686kcov33-1Code coverage tester for compiled programs, Python scripts and shel...09.02.2017 13:39
communityi686urbanterror2:4.3.2-2A team-based tactical shooter based on the Quake 3 Engine05.02.2017 16:45
communityanyurbanterror-data2:4.3.2-2A team-based tactical shooter based on the Quake 3 Engine (data files)05.02.2017 16:44
communityanyglm0.9.8.4-1C++ mathematics library for 3D software based on the OpenGL Shading...01.02.2017 03:38
communityi686opensubdiv3.1.1-1An Open-Source subdivision surface library31.01.2017 17:00
communityi686murmur1.2.19-2The voice chat application server for Mumble31.01.2017 01:41
communityi686mumble1.2.19-2A voice chat application similar to TeamSpeak31.01.2017 01:41
communityi686gource0.44-1software version control visualization30.01.2017 15:34
communityi686texstudio2.12.2-1Integrated writing environment for creating LaTeX documents25.01.2017 10:31
communityi686alembic1.7.0-3A open framework for storing and sharing scene data23.01.2017 11:35
extrai686python3.6.0-2Next generation of the python high-level scripting language16.01.2017 13:37
communityi686openshadinglanguage1.7.5-1Advanced shading language for production GI renderers16.01.2017 01:10
communityi686openimageio1.7.10-1A library for reading and writing images, including classes, utilit...16.01.2017 00:25
communityi686cegui0.8.7-7A free library providing windowing and widgets for graphics APIs/en...16.01.2017 00:07
communityanypython2-neovim0.1.13-1Python 2 client for neovim15.01.2017 23:28