Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686yaml-cpp0.5.3-1YAML parser and emitter in C++, written around the YAML 1.2 spec13.01.2016 19:16
communityanyxonotic-data0.8.1-1A free, fast-paced crossplatform first-person shooter (data files)28.08.2015 15:10
communityi686wt3.3.6-4a C++ library and application server for developing and deploying w...04.11.2016 21:04
communityanywesnoth-data1.12.6-1A turn-based strategy game on a fantasy world (data files)21.05.2016 16:21
communityanywarsow-data2.1.0-1a free online multiplayer competitive FPS based on the Qfusion engi...28.03.2016 21:58
communityi686warsow2.1.0-1Free online multiplayer competitive FPS based on the Qfusion engine28.03.2016 02:53
communityi686virtualgl2.5.1-1Redirects 3D commands from an OpenGL application onto a server-side...16.10.2016 04:11
communityanyvim-vcscommand1.99.47-1vim version control system integration plugin30.05.2013 10:35
communityanyvim-minibufexpl6.5.2-1An elegant buffer explorer for vim26.12.2013 13:02
communityanyvim-colorsamplerpack2012.10.28-4Different colorschemes for vim15.09.2016 22:19
communityanyvim-bufexplorer7.4.6-1A simple buffer list/switcher for vim05.08.2015 03:22
communityanyvdrift-data2:2014.10.20-1An open source driving simulation made with drift racing in mind (d...27.04.2015 20:47
communityi686vdrift2014.10.20-6Open source driving simulation made with drift racing in mind16.10.2016 07:07
communityi686uwsgi-plugin-webdav2.0.14-1Plugin for webdav support10.10.2016 08:04
communityi686uwsgi-plugin-rack2.0.14-1Ruby rack plugin10.10.2016 08:04
communityi686uwsgi-plugin-python22.0.14-1Plugin for Python2 support10.10.2016 08:04
communityi686uwsgi-plugin-python2.0.14-1Plugin for Python support10.10.2016 08:04
communityi686uwsgi-plugin-pypy2.0.14-1Plugin for PyPy support10.10.2016 08:04
communityi686uwsgi-plugin-psgi2.0.14-1Perl psgi plugin10.10.2016 08:04
communityi686uwsgi-plugin-php2.0.14-1Plugin for PHP support10.10.2016 08:04
communityi686uwsgi-plugin-mono2.0.14-1Plugin for mono support10.10.2016 08:04
communityi686uwsgi-plugin-lua512.0.14-1Plugin for Lua support10.10.2016 08:04
communityi686uwsgi-plugin-jvm2.0.14-1Plugin for Jvm support10.10.2016 08:04
communityi686uwsgi-plugin-cgi2.0.14-1CGI plugin10.10.2016 08:04
communityi686uwsgi2.0.14-1A fast, self-healing and developer/sysadmin-friendly application co...10.10.2016 08:04
communityanyurbanterror-data2:4.3.1-1A team-based tactical shooter based on the Quake 3 Engine (data files)06.10.2016 10:38
communityi686urbanterror2:4.3.1-1A team-based tactical shooter based on the Quake 3 Engine06.10.2016 10:38
communityi686tolua++1.0.93-2Tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua24.11.2015 09:08
communityi686tiled0.17.1-1A general purpose tile map editor, built to be flexible and easy to...05.11.2016 05:27
communityi686texstudio2.11.2-1Integrated writing environment for creating LaTeX documents01.10.2016 03:27
communityi686teeworlds0.6.4-1Fast-paced multiplayer 2D shooter game21.11.2016 09:07
communityi686teamspeak33.0.19.4-1TeamSpeak is software for quality voice communication via the Internet19.07.2016 16:16
communityi686supertuxkart0.9.2-2Kart racing game featuring Tux and his friends11.07.2016 05:30
communityi686supertux0.5.1-1A classic 2D jump'n'run sidescroller game in a style similar to the...06.11.2016 06:54
communityanyspring-kp4.6-2Kernel Panic is a mod about computers. Bits and bytes wage war in a...26.03.2014 07:44
communityanyspring-19442.0-2A WWII themed game with four fully functional sides (US, Germany, U...05.09.2016 22:33
communityanyspeed-dreams-data2.2.1-1A racing simulator with rich graphics and physics (data files)08.06.2016 14:40
communityi686speed-dreams2.2.1-1A racing simulator with rich graphics and physics08.06.2016 14:47
extrai686speech-dispatcher0.8.5-1High-level device independent layer for speech synthesis interface01.09.2016 12:26
communityanysingularity0.30c-8Strategy game - simulation of true AI03.02.2016 02:07
communityi686sfml2.4.1-1A simple, fast, cross-platform, and object-oriented multimedia API05.11.2016 06:43
extrai686sdl2_ttf2.0.14-1A library that allows you to use TrueType fonts in your SDL applica...31.03.2016 22:24
extrai686sdl2_net1:2.0.1-1A small sample cross-platform networking library (Version 2)03.04.2016 01:09
extrai686sdl2_mixer2.0.1-1A simple multi-channel audio mixer (Version 2)04.01.2016 09:31
extrai686sdl2_image2.0.1-1A simple library to load images of various formats as SDL surfaces ...04.01.2016 20:25
extrai686sdl2_gfx1:1.0.1-1SDL Graphic Primitives (Version 2)23.10.2014 07:13
extrai686sdl22.0.5-2A library for portable low-level access to a video framebuffer, aud...30.10.2016 04:38
communityi686scummvm-tools1.8.0-1A set of tools that enable you to convert, compress and decode game...21.04.2016 12:45
communityi686scummvm1.9.0-1A 'virtual machine' for several classic graphical point-and-click a...18.10.2016 21:03
communityi686rustup0.6.5-1The Rust toolchain installer06.11.2016 07:24