Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686springlobby0.247-1A free cross-platform lobby client for the Spring RTS project.03.05.2016 22:57
communityanyfreecol0.11.6-2A turn-based strategy game based on Colonization11.12.2015 18:10
communityi686scummvm1.8.0-1A 'virtual machine' for several classic graphical point-and-click a...07.03.2016 13:07
communityanyxonotic-data0.8.1-1A free, fast-paced crossplatform first-person shooter (data files)28.08.2015 15:10
communityi686cegui0.8.7-1A free library providing windowing and widgets for graphics APIs/en...28.04.2016 23:42
communityi686pidgin-gfire0.9.6-1Gfire is an Plugin for the Pidgin IM client which allows you to con...05.06.2014 00:47
communityanyvim-minibufexpl6.5.2-1An elegant buffer explorer for vim26.12.2013 13:02
communityi6860ada20-5Cross-platform, 3D and historically-based real-time strategy game11.04.2016 17:38
communityi686naev0.6.1-22D action/rpg space game18.11.2015 03:14
communityi686uwsgi-plugin-pypy2.0.12-7Plugin for PyPy support29.03.2016 20:00
communityanypython-click6.6-1A simple wrapper around optparse for powerful command line utilities10.04.2016 01:22
communityanyurbanterror-data2:4.2.023-1A team-based tactical shooter based on the Quake 3 Engine (data files)20.01.2015 01:11
communityi686lua51-mpack1.0.2-1Simple implementation of msgpack in C Lua 21:29
communityanymari01.6-2The Mario game with Portal gun mechanics16.12.2013 20:38
communityanyspring-kp4.6-2Kernel Panic is a mod about computers. Bits and bytes wage war in a...26.03.2014 07:44
communityi686forge3.2.2-1High Performance Visualizations04.03.2016 05:25
communityanypython2-werkzeug0.11.4-1Swiss Army knife of Python web development07.03.2016 13:15
communityi686xonotic0.8.1-1A free, fast-paced crossplatform first-person shooter28.08.2015 15:10
communityi686bumblebee3.2.1-11NVIDIA Optimus support for Linux through VirtualGL14.04.2016 22:47
communityanyphppgadmin5.1-3A web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL. It is perfect for P...07.03.2014 16:44
communityanyvim-colorsamplerpack2012.10.28-3Different colorschemes for vim13.08.2013 13:22
communityi686nodm0.12-1X display manager for automatic logins31.03.2016 02:43
communityi686murmur1.2.15-2The voice chat application server for Mumble03.04.2016 06:26
communityi686uwsgi-plugin-psgi2.0.12-7Perl psgi plugin29.03.2016 20:00
communityi686urbanterror2:4.2.023-1A team-based tactical shooter based on the Quake 3 Engine20.01.2015 01:17
communityanyruby2.1-bundler1.12.1-1Manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, acro...02.05.2016 16:32
communityanyluxblend251.5.1-2A LuxRender exporter for Blender.04.04.2016 13:56
communityanyspring-19442.0-1A WWII themed game with four fully functional sides (US, Germany, U...06.12.2015 00:01
communityanyfabric1.10.1-1Python library and command-line tool designed to streamline deployi...17.06.2015 16:27
communityanypython2-pykka1.2.0-1Easy to use concurrency abstractions for Python using the actor model08.04.2015 16:58
communityi686wine1.9.9-2A compatibility layer for running Windows programs29.04.2016 23:07
communityi686blender17:2.77.a-2A fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite09.04.2016 09:49
communityanyphpldapadmin1.2.3-7A PHP and hence web-based tool to administrate LDAP over the WWW07.03.2014 16:47
communityanyvim-bufexplorer7.4.6-1A simple buffer list/switcher for vim05.08.2015 03:22
communityanypython2-neovim0.1.7-1Python 2 client for neovim10.04.2016 01:21
communityi686mumble1.2.15-2A voice chat application similar to TeamSpeak07.03.2016 10:28
communityi686uwsgi-plugin-php2.0.12-7Plugin for PHP support29.03.2016 20:00
communityi686log4cplus1.2.0-2A C++ logger very close to Java's log4j23.03.2016 21:24
communityi686tolua++1.0.93-2Tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua24.11.2015 09:08
communityi686ruby2.12.1.10-2An object-oriented language for quick and easy programming02.05.2016 16:26
communityanylsb-release1.4-14LSB version query program26.11.2013 11:22
communityi686love0.10.1-1An open-source 2D game engine which uses the versatile Lua scriptin...14.02.2016 16:55
communityi686spring101.0-1A free 3D real-time-strategy (RTS) game engine27.03.2016 04:47
communityi686enet1.3.13-1A relatively thin, simple and robust network communication layer on...04.05.2015 18:50
communityanypython-werkzeug0.11.4-1Swiss Army knife of Python web development07.03.2016 13:15
communityanywidelands-data18-1Widelands data files25.02.2014 22:36
communityi686assimp3.2-2Portable Open Source library to import various well-known 3D model ...22.02.2016 21:44
communityi686paintown3.6.0-3Open source fighting game in the same genre as Streets of Rage and ...26.03.2014 10:39
communityanyvdrift-data2:2014.10.20-1An open source driving simulation made with drift racing in mind (d...27.04.2015 20:47
communityanypython-neovim0.1.7-1Python 3 client for neovim10.04.2016 01:21