Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686gnubiff2.2.17-2Mail notification program that checks for mail and displays headers...26.09.2016 12:53
communityi686anyfs-tools0.85.1c-5unix-way toolset for recovering and converting filesystems01.11.2013 20:14
communityi686python2-m2crypto0.24.0-1A crypto and SSL toolkit for Python23.03.2016 19:05
communityi686hostapd2.6-3IEEE 802.11 AP, IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator06.10.2016 10:27
communityi686shotwell1:0.24.5-1A digital photo organizer designed for the GNOME desktop environment01.02.2017 11:49
communityi686lua51-socket20160311-1Networking support library for the Lua language11.03.2016 10:38
communityi686chrpath0.16-1Change or delete the rpath or runpath in ELF files05.03.2014 12:36
communityi686liblockfile1.09_6-1a library with NFS-safe locking functions19.03.2015 14:23
communityi686parcellite1.2.1-2Lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager30.01.2017 12:29
communityi686perl-net-libidn0.12-10Perl/CPAN Module Net::LibIDN10.05.2016 20:19
communityi686mktorrent1.1-1Simple command line utility to create BitTorrent metainfo files23.01.2017 12:20
communityi686xosd2.2.14-8Displays text on your screen. On-Screen-Display-libs for some tools19.05.2014 12:01
communityi686dzen20.9.5git-6X notification utility04.03.2016 12:38
communityi686freeradius-client1.1.7-1FreeRADIUS Client Software18.03.2015 16:21
communityi686osm-gps-map1.1.0-3GTK+ 3 library for showing OSM tiles29.02.2016 12:16
communityi686gtkperf0.40-5An application designed to test GTK+ performance01.07.2014 13:29
communityi686usbredir0.7-1USB traffic redirection protocol18.03.2015 17:19
communityi686libdnet1.12-9A simplified, portable interface to several low-level networking ro...13.02.2015 17:31
communityi686mingw-w64-binutils2.27-1Cross binutils for the MinGW-w64 cross-compiler04.08.2016 15:38
communityi686xl2tpd1.3.8-1an open source implementation of the L2TP maintained by Xelerance C...21.09.2016 17:48
communityi686fox-devel1.7.57-1Free Objects for X: GUI Toolkit for C++, development version.07.02.2017 15:03
communityi686gsoap2.8.40-1Offers an XML language binding to ease the development of SOAP/XML ...22.12.2016 15:48
communityi686libvirt-python3.0.0-1libvirt python binding10.02.2017 12:06
communityi686uniconvertor1.1.5-8A universal vector graphics translator using sK1 engine.27.03.2015 11:10
communityi686lazarus-gtk21.6.2-2Delphi-like IDE for FreePascal gtk2 version17.02.2017 11:28
communityi686mediastreamer2.14.0-5A library written in C that allows you to create and run audio and ...23.12.2016 14:34
communityi686tktheme0.23-9A library to allow Tkabber docking in the system tray.01.07.2014 17:38
communityi686perl-class-methodmaker2.24-2Create generic class methods10.05.2016 19:44
communityi686flickcurl1.26-2C library for the Flickr API10.04.2015 19:08
communityi686bctoolbox0.4.0-1A library written in C that allows you to create and run audio and ...06.12.2016 13:09
communityi686procstatd1.4.2-9A daemon that can be run either from userspace or inetd that can be...11.08.2014 12:33
communityi686gpsim0.29.0-3A full-featured software simulator for Microchip PIC microcontrollers28.11.2016 11:43
communityi686librtfcomp1.3-2SynCE librtfcomp library01.11.2013 17:48
communityi686tvtime1.0.11-1A high quality television application for use with video capture cards26.12.2016 11:09
communityi686perl-gssapi0.28-10Perl/CPAN Module GSSAPI10.05.2016 19:54
communityi686remmina1:1.2.0rcgit.18-1remote desktop client written in GTK+16.02.2017 12:53
communityi686judy1.0.5-4C library creating and accessing dynamic arrays01.11.2013 17:47
communityi686sshguard1.7.1-1Brute force detector for SSH, Exim, VSFTPD and more. Blocks by ip w...11.11.2016 11:26
communityi686matchbox-window-manager1.2-4A pretty much unique X window manager with a classic PDA management...08.06.2013 22:27
communityi686perl-mail-box-parser-c3.007-4Perl/CPAN Module Mail::Box::Parser::C : extends MailBox with the sp...10.05.2016 20:17
communityi686netstat-nat1.4.10-3Small program written in C displaying NAT connections, managed by n...01.07.2014 15:05
communityi686dante1.4.2-1SOCKS v4 and v5 compatible proxy server and client10.02.2017 11:11
communityi686perl-dbd-odbc1.56-1ODBC Driver for DBI10.10.2016 12:30
communityi686virt-viewer5.0-1A lightweight interface for interacting with the graphical display ...14.12.2016 17:43
communityi686atanks6.5-1Atomic Tanks05.12.2016 12:07
communityi686perl-fuse0.16.1-4write filesystems in Perl using FUSE10.05.2016 19:53
communityi686qmc20.71-1Qt 4 based UNIX MAME frontend supporting SDLMAME26.01.2017 14:18
communityi686inn2.6.0-5Complete open source Usenet system. De facto standard for handling ...24.01.2017 12:41
communityi686smbnetfs0.6.0-2small C program that mounts Microsoft network neighborhood in singl...13.01.2016 18:49
communityi686mailutils3.1.1-1MUA command line tool (mailx)05.01.2017 15:26