Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686libhx3.22-1A library providing queue, tree, I/O and utility functions23.03.2015 10:48
communityi686tcc0.9.26-4Tiny C Compiler23.01.2017 13:12
communityi686mp3gain1.5.2-3Lossless mp3 normalizer with statistical analysis30.05.2014 13:07
communityi686anyfs-tools0.85.1c-5unix-way toolset for recovering and converting filesystems01.11.2013 20:14
communityi686ultimate-ircd3.0.2-10ultimate irc server04.03.2016 12:30
communityi686classpath0.99-3A free replacement for Sun's proprietary core Java class libraries.06.04.2016 15:09
communityi686gimp-plugin-wavelet-decompose0.1.2-3Wavelet decompose plugin for Gimp01.07.2014 12:58
communityi686xboard4.9.0-1Graphical user interfaces for chess16.06.2016 12:18
communityi686gtkballs3.1.5-6clone of Lines - logic game about balls01.07.2014 13:21
communityi686libantlr3c3.4-1C runtime for the ANTLR parsing library13.03.2014 15:19
communityi686pugixml1.8-1Light-weight, simple and fast XML parser for C++ with XPath support26.12.2016 11:15
communityi686dspam3.10.2-12A scalable, open-source statistical anti-spam filter27.07.2015 11:54
communityi686openvswitch2.6.1-2Production Quality, Multilayer Open Virtual Switch23.01.2017 19:20
communityi686catdvi0.14-6A DVI to plain text translator23.04.2014 18:33
communityi686freedroidrpg0.16.1-1a mature science fiction role playing game set in the future24.06.2016 18:02
communityi686wmii3.9.2-4A small, dynamic window manager for X1101.07.2014 18:02
communityi686recoverdm0.20-4helps to recover disks with bad sectors01.07.2014 17:04
extrai686libnetfilter_log1.0.1-3Library providing API to packets that have been logged by netfilter01.07.2014 13:39
communityi686grsync1.2.6-2GTK GUI for rsync27.04.2016 19:50
communityi686libvirt-python2.5.0-1libvirt python binding23.01.2017 17:20
communityi686kvpnc0.9.6a-8A KDE Desktop Environment frontend for various vpn clients27.04.2016 20:45
communityi686sqliteman1.2.2-10The best developer's and/or admin's GUI tool for Sqlite3 in the world27.04.2016 23:54
communityi686mftrace1.2.18-2Traces TeX bitmap fonts into PFA, PFB, or TTF01.07.2014 14:43
communityi686perl-params-classify0.013-7argument type classification10.05.2016 20:19
communityi686odt2txt0.5-1extracts the text out of OpenDocument Texts05.12.2016 12:16
communityi686tnef1.4.12-1Program which operates like tar to unpack the files inside an ms-tn...30.12.2014 14:27
communityi686vnstat1.16-1A console-based network traffic monitor26.12.2016 11:05
communityi686perl-class-data-inheritable0.08-6Inheritable, overridable class data01.07.2014 15:32
communityi686q4wine1.3.4-1A Qt4 GUI for Wine26.12.2016 11:26
communityi686xplanet1.3.1-1An Xearth wannabe14.03.2016 15:42
communityi686gprolog1.4.4-1GNU Prolog29.04.2013 18:42
communityi686librtfcomp1.3-2SynCE librtfcomp library01.11.2013 17:48
communityi686jbigkit2.1-2Data compression library/utilities for bi-level high-resolution images09.10.2014 12:33
communityi686sisctrl0.0.20051202-7Display Control Panel for XFree86/ SiS driver01.07.2014 17:20
communityi686mcelog1:146-1Print machine check event log from x86-64 kernel29.12.2016 17:24
communityi686bctoolbox0.4.0-1A library written in C that allows you to create and run audio and ...06.12.2016 13:09
communityi686perl-net-libidn0.12-10Perl/CPAN Module Net::LibIDN10.05.2016 20:19
communityi686denemo1:2.0.14-2A music score editor23.01.2017 17:47
communityi686netbrake0.2-5Netbrake is an utility to limit the bandwidth used by a process01.07.2014 15:03
communityi686tigervnc1.7.1-1Suite of VNC servers and clients. Based on the VNC 4 branch of Tigh...23.01.2017 13:55
communityi686uucp1.07-4Taylor UUCP is a free implementation of UUCP and is the standard UU...29.05.2013 12:31
communityi686python2-cjson1.1.0-1Fast JSON encoder/decoder for Python10.03.2016 13:24
communityi686xml20.5-1XML/Unix Processing Tools to convert XML and HTML to and from a lin...05.05.2013 23:11
communityi686ico2xpm1.3-2A utility which converts Windows icons into X pixmaps01.07.2014 13:36
communityi686sdd1.52-8Faster replacement for a program called dd01.07.2014 17:31
communityi686virt-viewer5.0-1A lightweight interface for interacting with the graphical display ...14.12.2016 17:43
communityi686libnids1.24-3An implementation of an E-component of Network Intrusion Detection ...01.11.2013 22:16
communityi686cpulimit20160304-1Limit cpu usage in %. Actualy sends SIGSTOP/SIGCONT04.03.2016 12:39
communityi686neatx0.3.1-15A free NX server by google10.02.2015 18:33
communityi686atanks6.5-1Atomic Tanks05.12.2016 12:07