Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686qmc20.70-2Qt 4 based UNIX MAME frontend supporting SDLMAME01.12.2016 18:32
communityi686leafnode1.11.10-1implements a store & forward NNTP proxy (client and server) with IP...25.07.2014 18:01
communityi686sk12.0rc2-3Fork of skencil with improved CMYK support07.12.2016 16:12
communityi686xpacman0.11-7X pacman game (use z x / ' q keys)01.07.2014 18:37
communityi686cgit1.1-1A web interface for git written in plain C23.11.2016 10:15
communityi686adns-python1.2.1-6python bindings for adns01.07.2014 11:37
communityi686gst-editing-services1.10.2-1GStreamer editing services05.12.2016 12:10
communityi686dwm6.1-3A dynamic window manager for X10.03.2016 19:01
communityi686procstatd1.4.2-9A daemon that can be run either from userspace or inetd that can be...11.08.2014 12:33
communityi686kdbg2.5.6-1A gdb GUI for KDE23.11.2016 12:20
communityi686mediainfo-gui0.7.91-1GUI for mediainfo02.12.2016 16:45
communityi686uucp1.07-4Taylor UUCP is a free implementation of UUCP and is the standard UU...29.05.2013 12:31
communityi686libuser0.62-1A standardized interface for manipulating and administering user an...24.07.2015 12:10
communityi686odt2txt0.5-1extracts the text out of OpenDocument Texts05.12.2016 12:16
communityi686xloadimage4.1-13An utility to view many different types of images under X1129.04.2013 15:29
communityi686busybox1.25.1-1Utilities for rescue and embedded systems10.10.2016 12:32
communityi686docbook2x0.8.8-15A software package that converts DocBook documents into the traditi...27.04.2016 19:01
communityi686perl-gd2.56-5Interface to Gd Graphics Library26.09.2016 12:48
communityi686perl-berkeleydb0.55-2Interface to Berkeley DB version 2, 3 or 410.05.2016 19:41
communityi686instead2.4.1-1a quest interpreter16.04.2016 19:06
communityi686matchbox-keyboard0.1-5An on screen virtual keyboard01.07.2014 15:07
communityi686unshield1.3-1Extracts CAB files from InstallShield installers28.10.2015 12:58
communityi686librcc0.2.12-1Charset Conversion Library18.03.2015 17:21
communityi686fbv1.0b-9FrameBuffer image viewer29.05.2014 16:47
communityi686netbrake0.2-5Netbrake is an utility to limit the bandwidth used by a process01.07.2014 15:03
communityi686belle-sip1.5.0-2A Voice-over-IP phone07.12.2016 22:29
communityi686gogglesmm1.1.3-1Music Manager and Player28.11.2016 14:03
communityi686tnftp20151004-1NetBSD FTP client with several advanced features26.09.2016 12:26
communityi686ht2.1.0-5A file editor/viewer/analyzer for executables27.04.2016 20:26
communityi686lxc1:2.0.6-2Linux Containers02.12.2016 16:55
communityi686libmaa1.3.2-2Provides many low-level data structures which are helpful for writi...01.11.2013 22:13
communityi686mxml2.10-1A small XML parsing library11.07.2016 13:06
communityi686aumix2.9.1-8A color text mode sound mixer with GPM support27.04.2016 18:41
communityi686bctoolbox0.4.0-1A library written in C that allows you to create and run audio and ...06.12.2016 13:09
communityi686gnubiff2.2.17-2Mail notification program that checks for mail and displays headers...26.09.2016 12:53
communityi686pawm2.3.0-3Puto Amo Window Manager is a full featured window manager, but with...01.07.2014 15:22
communityi686tix8.4.3-5Tk Interface eXtension, a powerful set of user interface components12.09.2013 11:39
communityi686dante1.4.1-1SOCKS v4 and v5 compatible proxy server and client08.09.2014 11:37
communityi686python-bsddb6.2.1-1Python interface for BerkeleyDB25.10.2016 10:57
communityi686libestr0.1.10-1essentials for string handling (and a bit more)10.03.2015 11:36
communityi686minidlna1.1.6-1A DLNA/UPnP-AV Media server (aka ReadyDLNA)26.09.2016 14:25
communityi686wmctrl1.07-4Control your EWMH compliant window manager from command line01.07.2014 17:59
communityi686aqbanking5.6.12-1A library for online banking and financial applications31.08.2016 17:39
communityi686lua51-sec2:0.6-1Lua bindings for OpenSSL library to provide TLS/SSL communication.14.07.2016 18:57
communityi686virt-viewer4.0-1A lightweight interface for interacting with the graphical display ...24.10.2016 15:11
communityi686sqliteman1.2.2-10The best developer's and/or admin's GUI tool for Sqlite3 in the world27.04.2016 23:54
communityi686gtypist2.9.5-3universal typing tutor27.04.2016 19:58
communityi686gtkperf0.40-5An application designed to test GTK+ performance01.07.2014 13:29
communityi686lazarus-qt1.6.2-1Delphi-like IDE for FreePascal qt version16.11.2016 14:07
communityi686mg20161005-1Micro GNU/emacs, this is a portable version of the mg maintained by...14.11.2016 14:35