Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686zynaddsubfx2.5.4-1Opensource software synthesizer capable of making a countless numbe...27.03.2016 22:50
communityi686ziproxy3.3.0-6forwarding, non-caching, compressing HTTP proxy server30.09.2014 16:29
communityi686zart1.7.1-1A GUI for G'MIC real-time manipulations on the output of a webcam08.05.2016 23:09
communityanyyahoo-t0.4-7jabber yahoo transport13.05.2013 16:00
communityi686yagf0.9.5-3Qt4-based GUI for Cuneiform and Tesseract OCRs28.04.2016 00:38
communityi686xxkb1.11-5keyboard layout switcher/indicator01.07.2014 18:43
communityi686xvkbd3.7-1virtual (graphical) keyboard program for X Window System14.09.2015 15:15
communityi686xsettings-client0.10-7Provides cross toolkit configuration settings such as theme parameters02.11.2013 00:03
communityi686xsel1.2.0-6XSel is a command-line program for getting and setting the contents...01.07.2014 18:42
communityi686xplanet1.3.1-1An Xearth wannabe14.03.2016 15:42
communityi686xpad4.8.0-2Stickies-like notes program28.04.2016 00:36
communityi686xpacman0.11-7X pacman game (use z x / ' q keys)01.07.2014 18:37
communityi686xosd2.2.14-8Displays text on your screen. On-Screen-Display-libs for some tools19.05.2014 12:01
communityanyxmpppy0.5.0_rc1-4A Python library to provide easy scripting with Jabber08.05.2015 12:08
communityi686xmove2.0beta2-6A tool to move X windows to different X servers, something like a G...01.07.2014 18:35
communityi686xmlstarlet1.6.1-1A set of tools to transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents18.03.2015 12:12
communityi686xmldiff0.6.10-3A python tool that figures out the differences between two similar ...01.07.2014 18:34
communityi686xml20.5-1XML/Unix Processing Tools to convert XML and HTML to and from a lin...05.05.2013 23:11
communityi686xloadimage4.1-13An utility to view many different types of images under X1129.04.2013 15:29
communityi686xl2tpd1.3.7-1an open source implementation of the L2TP maintained by Xelerance C...22.04.2016 13:26
communityi686xkeycaps2.46-7XKeyCaps is a graphical front-end to xmodmap.01.07.2014 18:32
communityi686xkbsel0.13-7framework for defining, selecting and indicating XKB keyboard mappings15.11.2013 13:36
communityanyxemacs-all-packages20110907-2xemacs-all-packages bundle from xemacs.org01.07.2014 18:29
communityanyxdm-archlinux0.5-3An XDM setup that looks better than the defaults08.02.2016 11:12
communityi686xdialog2.3.1-7A drop-in replacement for the 'dialog' or 'cdialog' programs01.07.2014 18:15
communityanyxcursor-simpleandsoft0.2-7A simple and soft X cursor theme01.07.2014 18:13
communityanyxcursor-premium0.3-8Premium X Cursor Theme01.07.2014 18:13
communityanyxcursor-pinux0.3-11Pinux's Tux Cursors Theme01.07.2014 18:12
communityanyxcursor-neutral1.13a-7A smoothed and shadowed X cursors theme01.07.2014 18:11
communityanyxcursor-flatbed0.3-3Flatbed XCursor Theme01.07.2014 18:11
communityanyxcursor-bluecurve0.1.1-5Redhat's Bluecurve X mouse cursor theme01.07.2014 18:10
communityi686xcircuit3.8.78-1A program for drawing publishable-quality electrical circuit schema...04.02.2015 11:13
communityi686xboard4.8.0-2Graphical user interfaces for chess28.04.2016 00:33
communityanyx-docs-pdf20140422-1X documentation22.04.2014 17:07
communityanywqy-zenhei0.9.45-5A Hei Ti Style (sans-serif) Chinese Outline Font.03.01.2015 14:35
communityanywqy-bitmapfont1.0.0RC1-1A bitmapped Song Ti (serif) Chinese font07.05.2015 16:35
communityi686wput0.6.2-3A command line tool to upload files to FTP site, the opposite to wget01.07.2014 18:07
communityi686workrave1.10.12-2a tool to help RSI28.04.2016 00:29
communityi686wol0.7.1-7Wake On LAN functionality in a small program. It wakes up hardware ...28.04.2016 00:25
communityi686wmname0.1-3A utility to set the name of your window manager01.07.2014 18:04
communityi686wmii3.9.2-4A small, dynamic window manager for X1101.07.2014 18:02
communityi686wmctrl1.07-4Control your EWMH compliant window manager from command line01.07.2014 17:59
communityanywhen1.1.35-1A simple commandline personal calendar program17.10.2015 22:05
communityanywebsvn2.3.3-5subversion web interface07.03.2016 14:39
communityanyweb-news1.6.4-6A PHP web-based NNTP client16.02.2016 16:07
communityanywanderlust20160318-2Mail/News reader supporting IMAP4rev1 for emacs.28.04.2016 00:25
communityi686w3cam0.7.2-11a small and fast CGI program to retrieve images from a video4linux ...29.04.2013 17:50
communityi686vorbissimple0.0.2-4A Vorbis decoder01.11.2013 23:57
communityi686vnstat1.15-1A console-based network traffic monitor22.12.2015 10:15
communityanyvncviewer-jar1.3.10-4VNC viewer java applet01.07.2014 17:57