Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686afl2.39b-1Security-oriented fuzzer using compile-time instrumentation and gen...03.02.2017 18:47
communityi686arj3.10.22-11Free and portable clone of the ARJ archiver07.01.2016 01:07
communityanyasciiquarium1.1-4An aquarium/sea animation in ASCII art21.07.2015 00:21
extrai686avidemux-cli2.6.18-1Graphical tool to edit video (filter/re-encode/split)08.01.2017 02:45
extrai686avidemux-qt2.6.18-1Graphical tool to edit video (filter/re-encode/split) - Qt GUI08.01.2017 02:45
communityi686awesome4.0-1Highly configurable framework window manager20.01.2017 01:16
communityi686byacc20170201-1Berkeley reimplementation of the Unix parser generator Yacc03.02.2017 19:13
communityanychecksec1.7.5-1Tool designed to test which standard Linux OS and PaX security feat...20.12.2016 18:00
communityi686cjdns19.1-2Routing engine designed for security, scalability, speed and ease o...14.03.2017 23:20
communityanyclamtk5.24-1Easy to use, light-weight, on-demand virus scanner for Linux systems20.11.2016 02:25
communityi686conky-manager2.4-2GUI for managing Conky config files with options to browse and edit...05.05.2016 22:45
communityanycowfortune0.1.2-5Configurable fortune cookie proclaiming cow (and a few other creatu...13.11.2016 03:51
communityi686cowpatty4.6-7Wireless WPA/WPA2 PSK handshake cracking utility22.10.2015 23:17
communityi686devil1.7.8-24Library for reading several different image formats22.11.2016 18:20
communityi686diffoscope80-1Tool for in-depth comparison of files, archives, and directories16.03.2017 17:26
communityi686dmd1:2.073.1-1The D programming language reference compiler22.02.2017 19:54
communityi686dtools2.073.1-1Ancilliary tools for the D programming language23.02.2017 00:23
communityi686dub1.2.1-1Developer package manager for D programming language23.02.2017 00:27
communityanyenjarify1.0.3-1Translates Dalvik bytecode to equivalent Java bytecode21.12.2016 13:02
communityi686fasm1.71.60-3Fast and efficient self-assembling x86 assembler for DOS, Windows a...12.03.2017 22:43
communityi686findnewest0.3-1Recursively find newest file in a hierarchy and print its timestamp09.02.2016 20:30
communityi686fish2.5.0-1Smart and user friendly shell intended mostly for interactive use03.02.2017 19:00
communityi686fwknop2.6.9-4FireWall KNock OPerator: Single Packet Authorization and Port Knocking11.06.2016 22:46
communityi686gimp-ufraw0.22-9Converter for raw files; utility and GIMP plugin22.11.2016 18:31
communityanygist4.5.0-1Potentially the best command line gister22.11.2015 23:33
communityi686gmock1.8.0-1Google Mock - A library for writing and using C++ mock classes28.09.2016 18:03
extrai686gnome-alsamixer0.9.7-3Gnome ALSA mixer21.01.2017 15:50
communityanygradle3.4.1-1Powerful build system for the JVM15.03.2017 18:30
communityanygradle-doc3.4.1-1Powerful build system for the JVM (documentation and samples)15.03.2017 18:30
communityanygradle-src3.4.1-1Powerful build system for the JVM (sources)15.03.2017 18:30
communityanygrails3.2.7-1Groovy on rails, web framework15.03.2017 18:52
communityanygrails-docs3.2.7-1Documentation for Grails15.03.2017 18:53
extrai686graphicsmagick1.3.25-4Image processing system22.12.2016 19:15
communityanygrunt-cli1.2.0-3The grunt command line interface.26.10.2016 03:31
communityi686gtest1.8.0-1Google Test - C++ testing utility based on the xUnit framework (lik...28.09.2016 18:03
communityanygufw17.04.1-3Uncomplicated way to manage your Linux firewall07.01.2017 23:05
communityi686hashcat3.40-1Multithreaded advanced password recovery utility14.03.2017 16:12
communityi686hexer1.0.3-1A multi buffer editor for binary files with vi-like interface19.10.2016 23:18
communityi686httping2.5-1A ping-like tool for http-requests29.09.2016 17:30
communityi686hydra8.4-1Very fast network logon cracker which support many different services03.02.2017 18:54
communityanyimpacket0.9.15-1Collection of classes for working with network protocols01.07.2016 17:58
communityi686imvirt0.9.6-1Detect the virtualization technology of a machine, it is run in09.11.2015 19:22
extrai686irssi1.0.2-1Modular text mode IRC client with Perl scripting15.03.2017 18:34
communityanyjadx0.6.1-1Command line and GUI tools to produce Java source code from Android...18.12.2016 23:03
communityanyjake8.0.15-2JavaScript build tool, similar to Make or Rake26.10.2016 03:32
extrai686jasper2.0.12-1Software-based implementation of the codec specified in the emergin...14.03.2017 14:14
extrai686jasper-doc2.0.12-1Software-based implementation of the codec specified in the emergin...14.03.2017 14:14
extrai686jsoncpp1.8.0-1C++ library for interacting with JSON18.01.2017 19:06
extrai686jsoncpp-doc1.8.0-1C++ library for interacting with JSON (documentation)18.01.2017 19:06
communityi686keepassx22.0.3-1Cross platform password manager12.10.2016 22:42