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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityanystrip-nondeterminism0.019-1Tool for stripping bits of non-deterministic information from files11.06.2016 22:47
communityanyjadx0.6.0-4Command line and GUI tools to produce Java source code from Android...02.10.2015 00:58
communityi686wavemon0.8.0-1Ncurses-based monitoring application for wireless network devices06.01.2016 14:51
communityanygradle2.14-1A powerful build system for the JVM14.06.2016 17:53
communityanypython2-filebytes0.9.12-1Library to read and edit executable binary files17.06.2016 15:14
communityanyscapy2.3.2-1A powerful interactive packet manipulation program written in Python15.01.2016 23:09
communityi686byacc20160606-1A Berkeley reimplementation of the Unix parser generator Yacc07.06.2016 11:51
communityanypeda1.1-1Python Exploit Development Assistance for GDB03.06.2016 23:50
communityanyruby-paint1.0.1-1Ruby paint manages terminal colors and effects05.01.2016 05:23
communityanypython2-flask-socketio2.5-1Socket.IO integration for Flask applications01.07.2016 18:18
communityi686thc-ipv63.0-3Complete tool set to attack the inherent protocol weaknesses of IPv...04.11.2015 19:20
communityi686profanity1:0.4.7-1Console based XMPP client20.09.2015 20:11
communityi686python-tlsh3.4.5-2Fuzzy matching library that generates a hash value which can be use...02.02.2016 16:39
communityanynikto2.1.6-1A web server scanner which performs comprehensive tests against web...11.09.2015 14:42
communityanyscapy3k0.18-1A powerful interactive packet manipulation program written in Python18.01.2016 03:09
communityi686hydra8.2-1A very fast network logon cracker which support many different serv...17.06.2016 19:15
communityanysqlmap1.0.7-1Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool03.07.2016 20:21
communityi686valabind0.10.0-2Tool to parse vala or vapi files to transform them into swig interf...12.04.2016 02:37
communityanygist4.5.0-1Potentially the best command line gister22.11.2015 23:33
communityanypython-filebytes0.9.12-1Library to read and edit executable binary files17.06.2016 15:14
communityi686scanmem0.15.8-1Memory scanner designed to isolate the address of an arbitrary vari...01.06.2016 03:49
communityanyropper1.10.7-1Show information about binary files and find gadgets to build rop c...01.07.2016 17:41
communityi686awesome3.5.9-1Highly configurable framework window manager12.03.2016 01:10
communityi686httping2.4-4A ping-like tool for http-requests03.06.2016 23:05
communityi686radare20.10.4-1Open-source tools to disasm, debug, analyze and manipulate binary f...15.07.2016 22:03
communityanypython2-engineio0.9.2-1Python implementation of the Engine.IO realtime server01.07.2016 17:57
communityanypython2-hexdump3.3-1Library and tool to work with hex and binary data26.01.2016 18:10
communityi686powerdns-recursor3.7.3-3Resolving DNS server07.02.2016 01:43
communityanypython-tblib1.3.0-1Python traceback fiddling library12.03.2016 01:05
communityi686medusa2.2-4Speedy, massively parallel and modular login brute-forcer for network07.06.2016 17:44
communityi686python2-libforensic13940.2-2Library for performing live memory forensics over the IEEE 1394 (Fi...18.01.2016 18:06
communityi686hexer0.2.3-1A multi buffer editor for binary files with vi-like interface11.12.2015 01:56
communityanyvim-tagbar2.6.1-4Vim plugin to browse the tags of the current file and get an overvi...04.03.2016 16:36
communityi686synergy1.7.6-2Share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers24.04.2016 01:30
communityi686fish2.3.1-1Smart and user friendly shell intended mostly for interactive use03.07.2016 21:44
communityi686xpdf3.04-5Viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files06.05.2016 01:16
communityanyruby-rspec-support3.5.0-1Common code needed by the other RSpec gems. Not intended for direct...02.07.2016 14:38
communityanypython2-libarchive-c2.4-1Python interface to libarchive31.05.2016 02:13
communityanyasciiquarium1.1-4An aquarium/sea animation in ASCII art21.07.2015 00:21
communityi686veracrypt1.17-5Disk encryption with strong security based on TrueCrypt12.06.2016 15:03
communityanyrabbitmq3.6.3-1Highly reliable and performant enterprise messaging implementation ...15.07.2016 21:53
communityanypython-socketio1.4.2-1Python implementation of the Socket.IO realtime server15.07.2016 21:48
communityanypython-hexdump3.3-1Library and tool to work with hex and binary data26.01.2016 18:10
communityi686powerdns3.4.9-1Authoritative DNS server17.05.2016 20:09
communityanypython2-tblib1.3.0-1Python traceback fiddling library12.03.2016 01:05
communityi686mdk3v6-6WLAN penetration tool22.10.2015 23:25
communityi686python-libforensic13940.2-2Library for performing live memory forensics over the IEEE 1394 (Fi...18.01.2016 18:06
communityi686gtetrinet0.7.11-5A clone of the game Tetrinet for the gnome environment05.05.2016 22:59
communityanyvim-nerdcommenter2.4.0-1A plugin that allows for easy commenting of code for many filetypes27.05.2016 17:36
communityi686steam1.0.0.52-2Valve's digital software delivery system06.05.2016 01:23
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