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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityanypython-mistune0.7.3-1The fastest markdown parser in pure Python with renderer feature.10.10.2016 00:16
communityanypython-ipykernel4.5.0-4The ipython kernel for Jupyter11.10.2016 15:45
communityanywtf20071004-5Acronym dictionary01.07.2014 13:46
communityanypython2-prompt_toolkit1.0.8-1Library for building powerful interactive command lines in Python19.10.2016 12:51
communityanyrox-lib2.0.6-4Shared code which can be used by other ROX applications. This is ro...01.07.2014 15:00
communityanypython2-jupyter_core4.2.0-1Jupyter core package. A base package on which Jupyter projects rely.10.10.2016 18:40
communityanyjupyter4.1.0-6A language-agnostic web-based interactive shell/notebook server.11.10.2016 16:49
communityanyjupyter_console5.0.0-1An IPython-like terminal frontend for Jupyter kernels in any language.11.10.2016 15:49
communityanypython2-irc15.0.3-1IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol client library for Python24.10.2016 04:41
communityanypython2-xmltodict0.10.1-1Python module that makes working with XML feel like working with JS...25.02.2016 03:43
communityanypython-markdown2.6.6-1Python implementation of John Gruber's Markdown.27.03.2016 17:27
communityanypython2-ipykernel4.5.0-4The ipython kernel for Jupyter11.10.2016 15:45
communityanywords2.1-4A collection of International 'words' files for /usr/share/dict.11.12.2015 22:47
communityanypython-wcwidth0.1.7-1Measures number of Terminal column cells of wide-character codes16.07.2016 04:09
communityanypython-jupyter_core4.2.0-1Jupyter core package. A base package on which Jupyter projects rely.10.10.2016 18:40
communityanypython2-pyglet1.2.4-3A cross-platform windowing and multimedia library for Python22.02.2016 13:33
communityanypython2-more-itertools2.2-6More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools24.10.2016 00:55
communityanypython2-curtsies0.2.11-1Curses-like terminal wrapper with a display based on compositing 2d...25.10.2016 04:19
communityanypython-xmltodict0.10.1-1Python module that makes working with XML feel like working with JS...25.02.2016 03:43
communityi686epdfview0.1.8-8Lightweight PDF document viewer28.04.2016 23:50
communityi686nethogs0.8.5-1A net top tool which displays traffic used per process instead of p...15.07.2016 19:52
communityi686renameutils0.12.0-3A set of programs designed to make renaming of files faster and les...01.07.2014 14:34
communityi686jansson2.9-1C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data09.10.2016 23:57
communityi686gqrx2.6-1Interactive SDR receiver waterfall for many devices.06.10.2016 02:46
communityi686simplescreenrecorder0.3.7-1A feature-rich screen recorder that supports X11 and OpenGL.18.10.2016 13:35
communityi686emelfm20.9.1-1A file manager that implements the popular two-pane design27.02.2014 18:44
communityi686multitail6.4.2-1Lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail program25.02.2016 19:31
communityi686ucl1.03-7Portable lossless data compression library written in ANSI C06.08.2014 17:21
communityi686racket-minimal6.6-1Minimal Racket installation, without DrRacket.24.07.2016 02:51
communityi686libuhd3.9.5-1Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) userspace driver16.09.2016 12:16
communityi686read-edid3.0.2-1Program that can get information from a PNP monitor18.06.2015 23:39
communityi686python2-pillow3.4.1-1Python Imaging Library (PIL) fork. Python2 version.05.10.2016 12:48
communityi686gnuradio-osmosdr0.1.4-18Source block for Funcube Dongle, RTL-SDR, USRP, OsmoSDR, BladeRF, H...25.08.2016 23:44
communityi686python-pyzmq16.0.0-1Python3 bindings for zeromq, written in Cython13.10.2016 23:28
communityi686ttyload0.5.3-1A color-coded console load graph.06.01.2015 17:19
communityi686libpgm5.2.122-2OpenPGM: implementation of the Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM, RF...13.06.2015 20:06
communityi686ratpoison1.4.8-2A simple keystroke-driven window manager30.04.2016 05:46
communityi686bladerf1.7.1-1Driver, userspace, fpga & firmware for the bladeRF SDR.03.06.2016 02:43
communityi686gnuradio-iqbal0.37.2-20Gnuradio I/Q balancing25.08.2016 23:31
communityi686pcb20140316-3Interactive printed circuit board editor28.04.2016 22:13
communityi686cgal4.9-1Computational Geometry Algorithms Library20.09.2016 12:53
communityi686racket-docs6.6-1Docs for the full-spectrum language formerly known as PLT Scheme.24.07.2016 02:49
communityi686mbedtls2.3.0-2Portable cryptographic and SSL/TLS library, aka polarssl02.07.2016 18:34
communityi686libftdi1.3-1A library to talk to FTDI chips, optional python bindings.03.06.2016 07:15
communityi686racket6.6-1A full-spectrum language with DrRacket IDE. Formerly known as PLT S...24.07.2016 02:20
communityi686gnuradio-fcdproplus3.7.5-4GNU Radio source block for Funcube Dongle Pro +25.08.2016 23:38
communityi686python-pillow3.4.1-1Python Imaging Library (PIL) fork. Python3 version.05.10.2016 12:48
communityi686catdoc0.95-1A convertor for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and RTF Files to ...14.09.2016 03:12
communityi686zeromq4.1.5-1Fast messaging system built on sockets. C and C++ bindings. aka 0MQ...28.06.2016 22:45
communityi686macchanger1.7.0-2A small utility to change your NIC's MAC address28.04.2016 22:02
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