Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686zeromq4.1.5-1Fast messaging system built on sockets. C and C++ bindings. aka 0MQ...28.06.2016 22:45
communityi686bladerf1.7.1-1Driver, userspace, fpga & firmware for the bladeRF SDR.03.06.2016 02:43
communityi686lout3.40-1A lightweight document formatting system.15.07.2013 08:58
communityi686spectrwm3.0.2-1A minimalistic automatic tiling window manager that tries to stay o...03.06.2016 06:52
communityanykicad-library-3d4.0.4-1Kicad 3D render model libraries13.09.2016 14:21
communityanyjupyter4.1.0-5A language-agnostic web-based interactive shell/notebook server.16.07.2016 06:11
communityi686qiv2.3.1-2Quick Image Viewer (qiv) is a very small and fast GDK/Imlib image v...28.04.2016 22:23
communityanyjupyter-nbconvert4.2.0-1A language-agnostic web-based interactive shell/notebook server.25.04.2016 01:08
communityi686hackrf2015.07.2-2Driver for HackRF, allowing general purpose software defined radio ...27.12.2015 20:52
communityanypython2-markdown2.6.6-1Python implementation of John Gruber's Markdown.27.03.2016 17:27
communityi686gerbv2.6.1-4An open source Gerber file (RS-274X only) viewer28.04.2016 21:31
communityanypython-path8.2.1-1Aka, implements path objects as first-class entities18.04.2016 12:58
communityanybpython0.15-1Fancy ncurses interface to the Python interpreter11.03.2016 21:27
communityi686openscad2015.03.03-6The programmers solid 3D CAD modeller20.09.2016 13:54
communityi686xombrero1.6.4-4A minimalists web browser, vi-like but with traditional web browser...29.04.2016 13:49
communityanyaurphan20140212-1Finds packages in need of maintainers, bug fixes and patches. Adopt...13.02.2014 02:57
communityi686lilyterm0.9.9.2-2A light and easy to use libvte based X terminal emulator16.08.2013 01:20
communityi686rtl-sdr20140210-2Driver for Realtek RTL2832U, allowing general purpose software defi...16.02.2015 00:08
communityi686pcb20140316-3Interactive printed circuit board editor28.04.2016 22:13
communityi686jshon20131105-1A json parser for the shell.05.11.2013 17:58
communityanypython2-terminado0.6-1Terminals served to term.js using Tornado websockets09.03.2016 04:42
communityi686racket-docs6.6-1Docs for the full-spectrum language formerly known as PLT Scheme.24.07.2016 02:49
communityi686gtkwave3.3.72-3A wave viewer which reads LXT, LXT2, VZT, GHW and VCD/EVCD files03.06.2016 02:33
communityanypython2-isodate0.5.4-2An ISO 8601 date/time/duration parser and formatter30.04.2016 02:42
communityi686geda-gaf1.8.2-2gEDA/gaf suite - Contains gschem, gnetlist, gsymcheck, gattrib, uti...28.04.2016 21:13
communityanypython-mistune0.7.2-1The fastest markdown parser in pure Python with renderer feature.09.03.2016 04:29
communityi686opencsg1.4.0-5Library for image-based CSG rendering using OpenGL.02.08.2016 00:28
communityi686nethogs0.8.5-1A net top tool which displays traffic used per process instead of p...15.07.2016 19:52
communityanywtf20071004-5Acronym dictionary01.07.2014 13:46
communityanyarch-wiki-lite20160308-2The wiki without html. 1/9 as big, easily searched and viewable on ...30.04.2016 18:01
communityanylibuhd-firmware3.9.5-1Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) userspace firmware16.09.2016 12:25
communityanyrox-lib2.0.6-4Shared code which can be used by other ROX applications. This is ro...01.07.2014 15:00
communityanydocx2txt1.4-2Recovers text from DOCX files, with good formatting.27.01.2016 15:20
communityi686jansson2.8-1C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data16.09.2016 05:22
communityi686python2-pyzmq15.2.0-1Python2 bindings for zeromq, written in Cython23.01.2016 18:23
communityi686gqrx2.5.3-5Interactive SDR receiver waterfall for many devices.25.08.2016 23:50
communityanypython2-curtsies0.1.19-1Curses-like terminal wrapper with a display based on compositing 2d...03.11.2015 15:22
communityi686epdfview0.1.8-8Lightweight PDF document viewer28.04.2016 23:50
communityanypython-markdown2.6.6-1Python implementation of John Gruber's Markdown.27.03.2016 17:27
communityi686multitail6.4.2-1Lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail program25.02.2016 19:31
communityanywords2.1-4A collection of International 'words' files for /usr/share/dict.11.12.2015 22:47
communityi686airspy1.0.7-1Host code for Airspy SDR.27.12.2015 20:41
communityi686libuhd3.9.5-1Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) userspace driver16.09.2016 12:16
communityi686rox2.11-2A small and fast file manager which can optionally manage the deskt...01.07.2014 15:04
communityanyjupyter-notebook4.2.0-1The language-agnostic HTML notebook application for Project Jupyter16.04.2016 14:24
communityanyipython2-notebook4.1.0-5Misc libraries required for notebook integration.16.07.2016 06:11
communityanypython2-pyglet1.2.4-3A cross-platform windowing and multimedia library for Python22.02.2016 13:33
communityanypython2-wcwidth0.1.7-1Measures number of Terminal column cells of wide-character codes16.07.2016 04:09
communityi686gnuradio-osmosdr0.1.4-18Source block for Funcube Dongle, RTL-SDR, USRP, OsmoSDR, BladeRF, H...25.08.2016 23:44
communityanypython-terminado0.6-1Terminals served to term.js using Tornado websockets09.03.2016 04:42