Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
extrai686abook0.6.1-2Text-based addressbook designed for use with Mutt07.11.2016 00:58
communityi686afpfs-ng0.8.1-10A client for the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)06.11.2016 21:12
extrai686aiksaurus1.2.1-5A cross-platform, open-source thesaurus06.12.2015 21:36
communityi686antiword0.37-6A free MS Word reader for Linux and RISC OS08.02.2016 01:11
communityi686arch1.3.5-11A modern and remarkable revision control system.08.02.2016 01:26
extraanyasciidoctor1.5.5-3An implementation of AsciiDoc in Ruby09.01.2017 19:09
communityi686atftp0.7.1-2Client/server implementation of the TFTP protocol that implements R...07.11.2016 01:42
extrai686audacious3.8.2-1Lightweight, advanced audio player focused on audio quality29.01.2017 19:53
extrai686audacious-plugins3.8.2-1Plugins for Audacious29.01.2017 19:57
extrai686automoc40.9.88-8Automatic moc for Qt406.12.2015 13:14
communityanyautopep82.0a1-2A tool that automatically formats Python code to conform to the PEP...24.12.2016 19:03
extrai686avahi0.6.32-3Service Discovery for Linux using mDNS/DNS-SD -- compatible with Bo...24.12.2016 18:47
communityi686axel2.12-1Light command line download accelerator27.12.2016 08:47
community-testingi686axel2.12-2Light command line download accelerator11.02.2017 21:06
communityanybar1.4-5A script for showing progress bars.08.02.2016 01:29
communityi686bochs2.6.8-4A portable x86 PC emulation software package, including GUI debugger07.11.2016 18:35
communityi686bwm-ng0.6.1-2A small and simple console-based live bandwidth monitor06.09.2015 23:41
communityi686calc2.12.5.3-2console calculator06.11.2016 21:17
community-testingi686calibre2.82.0-2Ebook management application25.03.2017 04:48
extrai686capi4hylafax010300-10capi plugin for hylafax to enable isdn faxing07.12.2015 08:40
extrai686caribou0.4.21+0+g36e3d0f-2A text entry and UI navigation application (on-screen keyboard)26.12.2016 10:57
communityi686ccze0.2.1-9Robust and modular log colorizer with many plugins06.09.2015 23:58
communityi686cdbxx0.0.1rc2-5cdbxx is a small STL style C++ library for TinyCDB implementation o...05.12.2015 18:11
extrai686celestia1.6.1-6Real-time space simulation06.12.2015 17:28
communityi686cgminer4.9.2-2Multi-threaded multi-pool GPU, FPGA and ASIC miner for bitcoin07.09.2015 21:57
communityi686chntpw140201-2Offline NT Password Editor - reset passwords in a Windows NT SAM us...08.02.2016 01:05
extrai686chromium57.0.2987.110-1The open-source project behind Google Chrome, an attempt at creatin...17.03.2017 04:24
communityi686ckermit9.0.302-6Portable scriptable network and serial communication software06.09.2015 21:09
extrai686clamav0.99.2-3Anti-virus toolkit for Unix11.02.2017 23:05
extrai686clang3.9.1-2C language family frontend for LLVM31.12.2016 15:53
extrai686clang-tools-extra3.9.1-2Extra tools built using clang's tooling APIs31.12.2016 15:55
extrai686clang353.5.2-3C language family frontend for LLVM05.12.2015 18:37
communityi686clearsilver0.10.5-21clearsilver is a fast, powerful, and language-neutral HTML template...09.01.2017 19:12
communityi686clewn1.15-8gdb support for vim07.11.2016 18:28
extrai686clisp2.49-6ANSI Common Lisp interpreter, compiler and debugger07.11.2016 00:55
communityanycloc1.72-1Count lines of code18.01.2017 14:24
communityi686clxclient3.9.0-2C++ wrapper library around the X Window System API06.12.2015 22:04
communityi686coxeter33.0beta3-3A computer program for the study of combinatorial aspects of Coxete...05.12.2015 16:21
communityi686critter1.0.2-9Critical Mass (aka Critter) is an SDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game06.12.2015 21:22
communityi686cromfs1.5.10.2-2Compressed read-only filesystem based on FUSE05.12.2015 16:20
extrai686cscope15.8.a-3A developers tool for browsing program code06.09.2015 18:50
communityi686curseofwar1.2.0-2Fast-paced RTS/Action game with ncurses interface06.09.2015 20:21
communityi686dangerdeep0.3.0-9submarine simulator06.12.2015 20:16
corei686db5.3.28-3The Berkeley DB embedded database system05.12.2015 16:13
community-testingi686dd_rescue1.99-3A dd version that is very useful for data-recovery13.03.2017 22:16
communityi686dhex0.68-3An ncurses-based hexeditor with a diff mode06.09.2015 23:45
corei686dialog1:1.3_20170131-1A tool to display dialog boxes from shell scripts04.02.2017 07:15
communityi686dillo3.0.5-3A small, fast graphical web browser built on FLTK03.03.2016 10:09
communityi686directfb1.7.7-2A thin library that provides hardware graphics acceleration, input ...07.12.2015 02:16
communityanydoge3.5.0-3doge meme motd script24.12.2016 12:13