Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityanypython2-jedi0.9.0-2Awesome autocompletion for python219.09.2015 18:41
communityi686bwm-ng0.6.1-2A small and simple console-based live bandwidth monitor06.09.2015 23:41
communityi686rapidsvn0.12.1-7A cross-platform GUI front-end for the Subversion revision system w...07.12.2015 12:19
communityi686fonteditfs1.2-5console font editor06.09.2015 22:22
communityi686tetrinet0.11-7Multiplayer online Tetris game for up to six people06.09.2015 18:51
communityi686libesmtp1.0.6-4A library to manage posting mail to a preconfigured MTA.02.03.2016 19:35
communityanyobmenu1.0-11Openbox menu editor.08.02.2016 00:56
communityanypython2-docopt0.6.2-3Pythonic argument parser, that will make you smile19.09.2015 18:51
communityanypython2-virtualenv-clone0.2.6-2A script for cloning a non-relocatable virtualenv.19.09.2015 12:25
communityi686ettercap0.8.2-3A network sniffer/interceptor/logger for ethernet LANs - console03.03.2016 11:50
communityi686squashfs-tools4.3-4Tools for squashfs, a highly compressed read-only filesystem for Li...28.11.2014 20:26
communityanyjava-batik1.8-2SVG library for Java.14.06.2015 23:38
communityi686mp3unicode1.2.1-3A command line utility to convert ID3 tags in mp3 files between dif...06.12.2015 20:24
communityanyzshdb0.08-4A debugger for zsh scripts.08.02.2016 00:56
communityanypython-split0.3-2Functions to split or partition sequences19.09.2015 18:55
communityi686python2-pyqwt5.2.0-2Python bindings for Qt Widgets for Technical Applications07.12.2015 07:37
communityi686dopewars1.5.12-8A drug dealing game set in New York10.09.2015 04:44
communityi686slop4.3.21-2Utility to query the user for a selection and print the region to s...08.02.2016 01:02
communityanyhuman-icon-theme0.36-5Ubuntu's Human icon theme07.05.2016 07:20
communityi686xssstate1.1-2A simple tool to retrieve the X screensaver state08.02.2016 01:03
communityi686mangler1.2.5-6Ventrilo compatible VOIP client for Linux07.12.2015 18:09
communityi686python-pygpgme0.3-4A Python interface to the gpgme GnuPG library19.09.2015 18:18
communityi686cromfs1.5.10.2-2Compressed read-only filesystem based on FUSE05.12.2015 16:20
communityanyruby-polyglot0.3.5-3Allows custom language loaders to be hooked into require28.12.2015 22:50
communityi686gsimplecal2.1-2Simple and lightweight GTK calendar06.12.2015 18:53
communityi686whowatch1.8.5-2Displays information about the users currently logged on to the mac...06.09.2015 22:23
communityi686libtorrent0.13.6-2BitTorrent library with a focus on high performance and good code05.12.2015 19:08
communityanypython-docutils0.12-3Set of tools for processing plaintext docs into formats such as HTM...19.09.2015 19:44
communityi686cgminer4.9.2-2Multi-threaded multi-pool GPU, FPGA and ASIC miner for bitcoin07.09.2015 21:57
communityi686rlwrap0.42-2Adds readline-style editing and history to programs.06.09.2015 20:43
communityanygcompris-data15.10-2Data files for GCompris30.08.2016 04:00
communityi686ucblogo6.0-6Portable interpreter for the Logo programming language09.09.2015 18:55
communityi686pinfo0.6.10-4A hypertext info file viewer07.09.2015 00:21
communityi686php-memcache3.0.8-4Memcache module for PHP31.12.2015 19:28
communityanypython2-html5lib0.9999999-2A Python2 HTML parser/tokenizer based on the WHATWG HTML5 spec20.09.2015 08:01
communityanybar1.4-5A script for showing progress bars.08.02.2016 01:29
communityi686qwt55.2.3-4Qt Widgets for Technical Applications (version 5.X)07.12.2015 01:51
communityi686flowcanvas0.7.1-5Gtkmm/Gnomecanvasmm widget for boxes-and-lines style environments07.12.2015 22:05
communityi686tcsh6.19.00-3Enhanced version of the Berkeley C shell.06.09.2015 19:03
communityi686libcontentaction0.2.6-2Library for associating content with actions07.12.2015 06:53
communityi686nrpe2.15-5Nagios Remote Plugin Executor02.03.2016 19:14
communityanypython2-configobj5.0.6-2Simple but powerful config file reader and writer for Python20.09.2015 07:44
communityanypython2-uritemplate0.6-2a Python implementation of RFC657019.09.2015 18:17
communityi686enigma1.04-5Enigma is a puzzle game involving falling blocks06.09.2015 19:45
communityi686sqlite22.8.17-7A C library that implements an SQL database engine06.09.2015 19:27
communityanyjava-avalon-framework4.2.0-7Reusable components for J2SE applications.08.02.2016 00:50
communityi686mp3info0.8.5a-6An MP3 technical info viewer and ID3 1.x tag editor10.09.2015 05:41
communityanyzsh-lovers0.9.0-2A collection of tips, tricks and examples for the Z shell.08.02.2016 00:58
communityanypython-speaklater1.3-2Implements a lazy string for python useful for use with gettext.19.09.2015 18:41
communityi686directfb1.7.7-2A thin library that provides hardware graphics acceleration, input ...07.12.2015 02:16