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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686ccze0.2.1-9Robust and modular log colorizer with many plugins06.09.2015 23:58
communityi686python-pyodbc3.0.10-2ODBC module for Python 3.x05.12.2015 19:20
communityi686libasr1.0.2-2A free, simple and portable asynchronous resolver library.08.02.2016 00:58
communityanygaupol0.28.2-4Editor for text-based subtitle files07.05.2016 07:19
communityi686pyzy1.0-3The Chinese PinYin and Bopomofo conversion library06.12.2015 18:20
communityi686ngspice26-3Mixed-level/Mixed-signal circuit simulator based on Spice3f5, Ciber...07.09.2015 21:27
communityi686sl5.02-4Steam Locomotive runs across your terminal when you type "sl" as yo...06.09.2015 22:21
communityi686afpfs-ng0.8.1-9A client for the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)06.09.2015 22:24
communityanypython-html5lib0.9999999-2A Python HTML parser/tokenizer based on the WHATWG HTML5 spec20.09.2015 08:01
communityanyjava-batik1.8-2SVG library for Java.14.06.2015 23:38
communityi686xdotool3.20150503.1-1Command-line X11 automation tool04.05.2015 07:47
communityi686flobopuyo0.20-9Clone of the famous PuyoPuyo06.12.2015 23:48
communityi686python2-pyqwt5.2.0-2Python bindings for Qt Widgets for Technical Applications07.12.2015 07:37
communityi686mp3unicode1.2.1-3A command line utility to convert ID3 tags in mp3 files between dif...06.12.2015 20:24
communityi686ruby-marisa0.2.4-7Ruby language binding for marisa28.12.2015 23:10
communityi686pypanel2.4-9A lightweight panel/taskbar for X11 window managers written in python.08.02.2016 01:08
communityi686icecast2.4.2-3Streaming audio over the Internet03.03.2016 13:44
communityanyvim-latexsuite20141116-2Tools to view, edit, and compile LaTeX documents within Vim.08.02.2016 01:05
communityi686echat0.04beta1-5vypress compatible ncurses chat (can work without server)07.09.2015 00:20
communityanypython2-parse1.6.6-3Parse strings using a specification based on the Python format() sy...20.09.2015 10:29
communityi686marisa0.2.4-7Static and space-efficient trie data structure library28.12.2015 23:10
communityi686rexima1.4-6A curses-based interactive mixer.06.09.2015 19:48
communityi686php-geoip1.1.0-2GeoIP module for PHP29.12.2015 12:02
communityi686gtk-theme-switch22.1.0-4Gtk2 theme switcher08.02.2016 00:48
communityi686tuxcards2.2.1-5A hierarchical notebook to enter and manage notes and ideas in a st...06.12.2015 18:21
communityi686dhex0.68-3An ncurses-based hexeditor with a diff mode06.09.2015 23:45
communityanypython2-docutils0.12-3Set of tools for processing plaintext docs into formats such as HTM...19.09.2015 19:44
communityi686lilypond2.18.2-3An automated music engraving system07.12.2015 04:44
communityi686gfan0.5-2A software package for computing Gröbner fans and tropical varieties05.12.2015 19:05
communityanytangerine-icon-theme0.27-4Ubuntu's twist on the Tango icon theme07.05.2016 07:20
communityi686cmatrix1.2a-11A curses-based scrolling 'Matrix'-like screen06.09.2015 20:43
communityanypython-split0.3-2Functions to split or partition sequences19.09.2015 18:55
communityi686libgdamm-docs4.99.10-2Developer documentation for libgdamm06.12.2015 17:28
communityi686qwt55.2.3-4Qt Widgets for Technical Applications (version 5.X)07.12.2015 01:51
communityi686speedcrunch0.11-3Simple but powerful calculator using Qt06.12.2015 22:16
communityi686cclive0.9.3-10Commandline downloader for popular video websites.21.12.2015 19:48
communityi686python-pygpgme0.3-4A Python interface to the gpgme GnuPG library19.09.2015 18:18
communityi686lcdproc0.5.7-2Utility to drive one or more LCD (and LCD-like) devices07.09.2015 21:17
communityanyzshdb0.08-4A debugger for zsh scripts.08.02.2016 00:56
communityi686garmindev0.3.4-8Garmin Device Drivers for QlandkarteGT06.12.2015 20:46
communityanypython2-virtualenv-clone0.2.6-2A script for cloning a non-relocatable virtualenv.19.09.2015 12:25
communityi686ngrep1.45-11A grep-like utility that allows you to search for network packets o...08.02.2016 01:44
communityanyshorewall65.0.4-1An iptables-based firewall for Linux systems (with IPv6 support)22.01.2016 12:56
communityi686acetoneiso22.3-7An all in one ISO tool (bin mdf nrg img daa dmg cdi b5i bwi pdi iso)08.12.2015 10:38
communityanypython-flask-silk0.2-2Adds silk icons to your Flask application or blueprint, or extension19.09.2015 18:46
communityanyjava-avalon-framework4.2.0-7Reusable components for J2SE applications.08.02.2016 00:50
communityi686xautomation1.09-2Controls X from the command line and does "visual scraping".08.02.2016 00:48
communityi686fil-plugins0.3.0-2LADSPA four-band parametric equaliser plugins05.12.2015 18:16
communityanypython2-pyprof2calltree1.3.2-3Help visualize profiling data from cProfile with kcachegrind19.09.2015 19:42
communityi686mp3info0.8.5a-6An MP3 technical info viewer and ID3 1.x tag editor10.09.2015 05:41
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