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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686lxrandr0.3.1-1Monitor configuration tool (part of LXDE)21.02.2016 02:19
communityi686lxrandr-gtk30.3.1-1Monitor configuration tool (part of LXDE) (GTK+ 3 version)21.02.2016 02:19
communityi686lxtask0.1.7-1Task manager of the LXDE Desktop21.02.2016 02:21
communityi686lxtask-gtk30.1.7-1Task manager of the LXDE Desktop (GTK+ 3 version)21.02.2016 02:21
communityanylxde-common0.99.1-2Common files of the LXDE Desktop26.02.2016 15:53
communityanypython2-polib1.0.7-1A library to manipulate gettext files15.03.2016 00:09
communityanypython2-pam0.1.4-3Module that provides an authenticate function that allows the calle...15.03.2016 00:18
communityi686pidgin-libnotify0.14-10Pidgin plugin that enables popups when someone logs in or messages you26.04.2016 11:29
communityanyblam1.8.12-4Simple newsreader for GNOME written in C Sharp24.05.2016 13:46
communityi686agave0.4.7-8Colorscheme designer tool for GNOME24.05.2016 13:49
communityi686uget2.0.8-1GTK+ download manager featuring download classification and HTML im...24.05.2016 14:04
communityanygnome-schedule2.3.0-1Graphical interface to crontab and at for GNOME26.05.2016 17:37
communityanyblueberry1.1.5-1Bluetooth configuration tool27.06.2016 19:44
communityanysmuxi-server1.0.5-1User-friendly and cross-platform IRC client for sophisticated users...27.06.2016 20:20
communityanysmuxi1.0.5-1User-friendly and cross-platform IRC client for sophisticated users...27.06.2016 20:20
communityi686python2-poppler0.12.1-9Python 2.x bindings for Poppler27.06.2016 23:11
communityi686gwget1.0.4-10Download manager for GNOME12.07.2016 21:22
communityi686gnac0.2.4.1-4Audio converter for GNOME12.07.2016 21:43
communityi686goobox3.4.1-2CD player and ripper for GNOME12.07.2016 21:49
communityanygourmet0.17.4-4A simple but powerful recipe-managing application12.07.2016 21:51
communityanytasque0.1.12-4Easy quick task management app written in C Sharp12.07.2016 21:55
communityi686buoh0.8.2-9Online strips comics reader for GNOME12.07.2016 22:01
communityanyzeitgeist-explorer0.2-4Graphical interface to monitor and inspect Zeitgeist's log at a low...12.07.2016 22:04
communityi686gdesklets0.36.3-7System for bringing mini programs (desklets) onto your desktop12.07.2016 22:08
communityanyscreenlets0.1.6-6Widget framework that consists of small owner-drawn applications12.07.2016 22:14
communityanypdfmod0.9.1-7Simple application for modifying PDF written in C Sharp12.07.2016 22:15
communityanygnome-activity-journal0.8.0-9Tool for easily browsing and finding files on your computer using t...12.07.2016 22:20
communityanyhamster-time-tracker1.04-3Time tracking application that helps you to keep track on how much ...12.07.2016 22:29
communityanykeepnote0.7.8-3GTK+ note taking application12.07.2016 22:31
communityi686gpicview0.2.5-2Lightweight image viewer12.07.2016 22:34
communityanytransmageddon1.5-3Simple python application for transcoding video into formats suppor...12.07.2016 22:45
communityanysparkleshare1.5-2Collaboration and sharing tool based on git written in C Sharp12.07.2016 22:47
communityi686snappy-player1.0-4Powerful media player with a minimalistic interface12.07.2016 22:50
communityi686gloobus-preview0.4.5.335-2GNOME application designed to enable a full screen preview of any k...12.07.2016 23:01
communityanylabyrinth0.6-3Lightweight mind-mapping tool with support for image import and dra...12.07.2016 23:07
communityi686gnome-do0.95.3-3Quickly search for many items present on your desktop or the web, a...12.07.2016 23:12
communityanydocky2.2.1.1-2Full fledged dock application that makes opening common application...12.07.2016 23:14
communityanyurlwatch2.5-1A tool for monitoring webpages for updates12.07.2016 23:15
communityi686gnome-subtitles1.3-3Video subtitle editor for GNOME12.07.2016 23:19
communityanypinta1.6-2Drawing/editing program modeled after Paint.NET. It's goal is to pr...12.07.2016 23:36
communityi686planner0.14.6-4Project management application for GNOME12.07.2016 23:41
communityanyocrfeeder0.8.1-2GTK+ document layout analysis and optical character recognition app...12.07.2016 23:50
communityi686l3afpad0. plain text editor for GTK+ 312.07.2016 23:54
communityi686regexxer0.10-7Interactive search and replace tool for GNOME13.07.2016 00:03
communityi686nautilus-actions3.2.4-2Configures programs to be launched when files are selected in Nautilus13.07.2016 00:09
communityanyd-feet0.3.11-2D-Bus debugger for GNOME13.07.2016 00:18
communityi686deja-dup34.2-2Simple backup tool, that hides the complexity of backing up the Rig...13.07.2016 00:21
communityanylxde-icon-theme0.5.1-3LXDE default icon theme based on nuoveXT213.07.2016 00:46
communityi686lxterminal0.2.0-3VTE-based terminal emulator (part of LXDE)13.07.2016 00:50
communityi686lxterminal-gtk30.2.0-3VTE-based terminal emulator (part of LXDE) (GTK+ 3 version)13.07.2016 00:50
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