Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686gimp-refocus0.9.0-4A sharpen plugin for gimp using FIR Wiener filtering22.07.2013 12:16
communityi686gimp-plugin-lqr0.7.2-1Plugin for The GIMP providing Liquid Rescale06.08.2013 10:04
communityi686libiptcdata1.0.4-3Library for manipulating the IPTC metadata02.07.2014 22:02
communityi686gimp-plugin-wavelet-denoise0.3.1-3Tool to reduce noise in each channel of an image separately02.07.2014 22:09
communityi686gimp-plugin-fblur3.2.6-4Makes out of focus with luminosity and depth02.07.2014 22:19
communityi686ufoai2.5.0-3In UFO: Alien Invasion you fight aliens trying to capture Earth05.07.2014 19:30
communityanyufoai-data2.5.0-3In UFO: Alien Invasion you fight aliens trying to capture Earth (da...05.07.2014 21:15
communityanyttf-gentium1.03-3Wide range of Latin-based alphabets, defines roughly 1,500 glyphs.07.01.2015 23:13
communityi686cuetools1.4.1-1Cue and toc file parsers and utilities11.10.2015 15:22
communityi686ispc1.9.1-1A compiler for high-performance SIMD programming on the CPU07.08.2016 17:03
communityi686aide0.16-1A file integrity checker and intrusion detection program.28.09.2016 16:21
communityi686gimp-plugin-mathmap1.3.5-8A GIMP plug-in which allows distortion of images specified by mathe...09.11.2016 22:23
communityi686rawtherapee1:5.0.r1-1A powerful cross-platform raw image processing program04.02.2017 12:57
communityanyintellij-idea-community-edition2:2017.1-1IDE for Java, Groovy and other programming languages with advanced ...24.03.2017 22:22