Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityanyiotop0.6-4View I/O usage of processes23.09.2015 20:08
communityanyperl-devel-stacktrace2.01-1An object representing a stack trace12.03.2016 15:07
communityanyatool0.39.0-4A script for managing file archives of various types16.04.2016 07:39
communityanyimpressive0.11.1-1A fancy PDF presentation program (previously known as KeyJNote).18.11.2015 19:16
communityanypssh2.3.1-7Parallel versions of the openssh tools ssh, scp, rsync, nuke, slurp17.01.2016 12:11
communityanyperl-cpan-changes0.400002-1Read and write Changes files13.09.2015 19:12
communityanyesmska1.9-2Program for sending SMS over the Internet29.04.2016 13:36
communityanyvariety0.6.2-1Changes the wallpaper on a regular interval using user-specified or...27.08.2016 18:28
communityanysubdl1.0.3-5A command-line tool for downloading subtitles from opensubtitles.org03.03.2016 18:24
communityanymenumaker0.99.9-1Heuristics-driven menu generator for Deskmenu, FluxBox, IceWM, Open...29.08.2015 13:35
communityanybillreminder0.4.0-7Small and quick accounting application designed to allow for easy t...29.04.2016 15:07
communityanypython2-markups2.0.0-1Wrapper around various text markups11.05.2016 20:36
communityanypython-html2text2016.5.29-1A HTML to markdown-structured text converter29.05.2016 18:32
communityanywgetpaste2.28-1A script that automates pasting to a number of pastebin services21.07.2016 22:55
communityanyman-pages-de1.12-1German Linux man pages30.04.2016 19:17
communityanypython-markups2.0.0-1Wrapper around various text markups11.05.2016 20:36
communityanygprename20140325-3A GTK2 batch renamer for files and directories01.05.2016 12:15
communityanypython-hglib2.2-1A library with a fast, convenient interface to Mercurial. It uses M...19.07.2016 22:25
communityanycolorgcc1.4.4-2A Perl wrapper to colorize the output of compilers with warning/err...03.03.2016 18:17
communityanyscribes0.4.954-6An ultra minimalist text editor that combines simplicity with power30.04.2016 11:57
communityanywammu0.42-1A wxPython-based GUI for Gammu20.08.2016 13:01
communityanyofflineimap7.0.6-1Synchronizes emails between two repositories22.08.2016 17:27
communityanycolordiff1.0.16-1A Perl script wrapper for 'diff' that produces the same output but ...08.12.2015 17:18
communityanysyncthing-gtk1:0.9.2-1GTK3 based GUI and notification area icon for Syncthing26.08.2016 17:31
communityanyrapid-photo-downloader0.4.11-2Photo and video downloader29.04.2016 16:12
communityanypython2-html2text2016.5.29-1A HTML to markdown-structured text converter29.05.2016 18:32
communityanypython2-hglib2.2-1A library with a fast, convenient interface to Mercurial. It uses M...19.07.2016 22:25
communityanyperl-readonly2.01-1Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, hashes12.03.2016 15:34
communityanyfreemind1.0.1-3A Java mindmapping tool25.06.2016 23:42
communityanyclusterssh4.05-1Control multiple open terminal windows with connections to specifie...31.01.2016 10:42
communityanyjosm10786-3An editor for OpenStreetMap written in Java23.08.2016 17:57
communityanyttf-overpass2.1-2An open source font family inspired by Highway Gothic esp. suited f...07.07.2016 16:24
communityanyperl-exception-class1.40-1A module that allows you to declare real exception classes in Perl12.03.2016 15:10
communityanysynbak3.4-1Meant to unify several backup methods in a single application while...08.05.2016 12:29
communityanyautojump22.3.0-2A faster way to navigate your filesystem from the command line07.06.2016 18:54
communityi686python2-basemap1.0.7-4Toolkit for plotting data on map projections19.09.2015 20:31
communityi686ginac1.7.0-1C++ library for symbolic calculations10.08.2016 22:30
communityi686pympd0.08.1-5A Rhythmbox-like PyGTK+ client for Music Player Daemon01.05.2016 12:52
communityi686yaz5.16.0-1A toolkit supporting the development of Z39.50/SRW/SRU clients and ...30.04.2016 10:15
communityi686ffmpeg2theora0.30-2Simple converter to create Ogg Theora files16.02.2016 20:25
communityi686vifm0.8.2-1Ncurses based file manager with vi like keybindings19.07.2016 22:00
communityi686monit5.19.0-1Utility for managing and monitoring, processes, files, directories ...18.08.2016 17:25
communityi686castget1.2.2-1A simple, command-line based RSS enclosure downloader29.03.2016 21:31
communityi686subtitleeditor0.53.0-1A GTK+3 tool to edit subtitles for GNU/Linux/*BSD02.08.2016 16:05
communityi686kuickshow0.9.1-9A very fast and convenient image viewer01.05.2016 12:25
communityi686qstardict1.1-1Qt4 clone of StarDict with full support of StarDict dictionaries21.12.2015 20:02
communityi686python-pyproj1.9.5.1-1Python interfaces to PROJ.4 library27.01.2016 02:48
communityi686xemacs21.5.34-1An highly customizable open source text editor and application deve...01.05.2016 13:45
communityi686moneymanagerex1.2.7-2An easy-to-use personal finance suite30.04.2016 10:53
communityi686bmon3.9-1Portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator22.07.2016 10:31