Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityanyman-pages-de1.19-1German Linux man pages22.01.2017 18:05
communityi686tellico3.0-4A collection manager for KDE20.12.2016 18:47
communityi686kid33.4.4-1An MP3, Ogg/Vorbis and FLAC tag editor, KDE version24.12.2016 13:41
communityi686sleuthkit4.4.0-1File system and media management forensic analysis tools18.01.2017 20:05
communityi686godep2:77-1Dependency tool for go14.01.2017 18:04
communityi686castget1.2.2-1A simple, command-line based RSS enclosure downloader29.03.2016 21:31
communityi686qmmp1.1.6-1Qt5 based audio-player12.01.2017 19:23
communityi686encfs1.9.1-3Encrypted filesystem in user-space15.11.2016 20:03
communityanyatool0.39.0-5A script for managing file archives of various types10.12.2016 11:04
communityi686pork0.99.8.1-11Console-based AOL Instant Messenger & IRC client11.05.2016 19:55
communityi686ogmrip1.0.1-3Libraries and GTK2 interface for DVD ripping using mencoder01.05.2016 12:49
communityi686wbar2.3.4-4A quick launch bar developed with speed in mind09.01.2016 07:32
communityi686luminancehdr2.4.0-9Open source graphical user interface application that aims to provi...07.01.2017 08:33
communityi686syncthing-inotify0.8.4-1Inotify file watcher for Syncthing18.10.2016 17:58
communityi686kdesvn2.0.0-2A pure C++ SVN-client for KDE18.12.2016 12:45
communityi686skrooge2.6.0-1A personal finances manager for KDE29.12.2016 15:38
communityi686gnome-commander1.6.2-1Graphical two-pane filemanager for Gnome07.11.2016 18:32
communityi686bmon4.0-1Portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator20.12.2016 18:26
communityi686qlandkartegt1.8.1-7Use your GPS with Linux14.09.2016 23:42
communityi686emacs-nox25.1-1The extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display ed...19.09.2016 19:58
communityi686ario1.5.1-4A GTK client for MPD inspired by Rhythmbox but much lighter and faster29.04.2016 13:57
communityi686pianobar2016.06.02-1Console-based frontend for Pandora11.06.2016 19:57
communityanyofflineimap7.0.12-1Synchronizes emails between two repositories01.12.2016 18:32
communityanywammu0.43-1A wxPython-based GUI for Gammu03.01.2017 18:31
communityi686libspatialite4.3.0.a-2SQLite extension to support spatial data types and operations14.09.2016 22:28
communityanysyncthing-gtk1: based GUI and notification area icon for Syncthing18.10.2016 17:36
communityi686kchmviewer7.7-1A .chm files (MS HTML help file format) viewer08.12.2016 19:12
communityi686sdcv0.5.0beta4-2StarDict Console Version06.11.2016 20:59
communityi686ginac1.7.2-1C++ library for symbolic calculations10.01.2017 19:20
communityanybillreminder0.4.0-7Small and quick accounting application designed to allow for easy t...29.04.2016 15:07
communityanypython2-hglib2.3-1A library with a fast, convenient interface to Mercurial. It uses M...05.01.2017 21:05
communityi686cuyo1:2.1.0-3Tetris-style puzzle game for up to two players with a twist29.04.2016 13:30
communityi686manaplus1.7.1.21-1Free OpenSource 2D MMORPG client for Evol Online, The mana world an...22.01.2017 18:22
communityanyperl-readonly2.05-1Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, hashes13.10.2016 21:29
communityi686nzbget17.1-1Download from Usenet using .nzb files05.09.2016 22:42
communityi686vym2.6.0-1A mindmapping tool14.10.2016 20:01
communityi686libgeotiff1.4.2-1A TIFF based interchange format for georeferenced raster imagery14.09.2016 22:21
communityi686syncthing0.14.19-1Open Source Continuous Replication / Cluster Synchronization Thing10.01.2017 19:05
communityanyjosm11427-1An editor for OpenStreetMap written in Java03.01.2017 18:16
communityanyscribes0.4.954-6An ultra minimalist text editor that combines simplicity with power30.04.2016 11:57
communityi686gammu1.38.1-1GNU All Mobile Management Utilities05.01.2017 21:44
communityi686beaver0.4.1-4Beaver is an Early AdVanced EditoR.29.04.2016 14:56
communityanypython-hglib2.3-1A library with a fast, convenient interface to Mercurial. It uses M...05.01.2017 21:05
communityanycolorgcc1.4.4-2A Perl wrapper to colorize the output of compilers with warning/err...03.03.2016 18:17
communityi686syncthing-relaysrv0.14.19-1Relay server for Syncthing10.01.2017 19:05
communityanyperl-exception-class1.42-1A module that allows you to declare real exception classes in Perl17.01.2017 22:19
communityi686mp3splt-gtk0.9.2-2Split mp3 and ogg files without decoding01.05.2016 12:39
communityi686viking1.6.2-3GTK+2 application to manage GPS data30.04.2016 10:13
communityi686libfreexl1.0.2-1Library to extract valid data from within an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet21.07.2015 18:56
communityanysynbak3.4-1Meant to unify several backup methods in a single application while...08.05.2016 12:29