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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
corei686xfsprogs4.10.0-1XFS filesystem utilities09.03.2017 08:41
corei686jfsutils1.1.15-4JFS filesystem utilities16.05.2013 20:28
corei686diffutils3.5-1Utility programs used for creating patch files22.08.2016 01:33
corei686lvm22.02.168-1Logical Volume Manager 2 utilities01.12.2016 09:05
corei686s-nail14.8.16-1Mail processing system with a command syntax reminiscent of ed28.01.2017 00:15
corei686nano2.7.5-1Pico editor clone with enhancements23.02.2017 16:37
corei686mdadm4.0-1A tool for managing/monitoring Linux md device arrays, also known a...09.03.2017 09:03
corei686pacman5.0.1-4A library-based package manager with dependency support18.05.2016 07:53
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