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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
testingi686granatier16.08.0-1A clone of the classic Bomberman game20.08.2016 18:34
extrai686kapman16.04.3-1A clone of the well known game Pac-Man08.07.2016 01:43
testingi686kpatience16.08.0-1Offers a selection of solitaire card games20.08.2016 18:39
extrai686kshisen16.04.3-1A solitaire-like game played using the standard set of Mahjong tiles08.07.2016 01:46
testingi686kjumpingcube16.08.0-1A simple tactical game20.08.2016 18:37
extrai686klickety16.04.3-1An adaptation of the Clickomania game08.07.2016 01:44
testingi686kdegames-ksudoku16.08.0-1A logic-based symbol placement puzzle20.08.2016 18:42
extrai686kdegames-kubrick16.04.3-1Based on the famous Rubik's Cube08.07.2016 01:48
testingi686kdegames-kgoldrunner16.08.0-1A game of action and puzzle solving20.08.2016 18:36
extrai686kdegames-kigo16.04.3-1An open-source implementation of the popular Go game08.07.2016 01:44
extrai686kdegames-kgoldrunner16.04.3-1A game of action and puzzle solving08.07.2016 01:44
testingi686bovo16.08.0-1A Gomoku like game for two players20.08.2016 18:33
extrai686granatier16.04.3-1A clone of the classic Bomberman game08.07.2016 01:42
testingi686kollision16.08.0-1A simple ball dodging game20.08.2016 18:39
extrai686kpatience16.04.3-1Offers a selection of solitaire card games08.07.2016 01:46
testingi686kiriki16.08.0-1An addictive and fun dice game20.08.2016 18:37
extrai686kjumpingcube16.04.3-1A simple tactical game08.07.2016 01:44
testingi686kdegames-kspaceduel16.08.0-1Each of two possible players controls a satellite spaceship orbitin...20.08.2016 18:41
extrai686kdegames-ksudoku16.04.3-1A logic-based symbol placement puzzle08.07.2016 01:47
testingi686bomber16.08.0-1A single player arcade game20.08.2016 18:33
extrai686bovo16.04.3-1A Gomoku like game for two players08.07.2016 01:42
testingi686knetwalk16.08.0-1Connect all the terminals to the server, in as few turns as possible20.08.2016 18:38
extrai686kollision16.04.3-1A simple ball dodging game08.07.2016 01:45
testingi686killbots16.08.0-1A simple game of evading killer robots20.08.2016 18:37
extrai686kiriki16.04.3-1An addictive and fun dice game08.07.2016 01:44
testingi686kdegames-ksnakeduel16.08.0-1A simple snake duel game20.08.2016 18:41
extrai686kdegames-kspaceduel16.04.3-1Each of two possible players controls a satellite spaceship orbitin...08.07.2016 01:47
testingi686kbreakout16.08.0-1A Breakout-like game20.08.2016 18:35
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