Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
extraanytexlive-pstricks2016.41321-2TeX Live - Additional PSTricks packages02.08.2016 22:30
extraanytexlive-formatsextra2016.41438-2TeX Live - collection of extra TeX 'formats'04.08.2016 23:26
extraanytexlive-plainextra2016.41437-2TeX Live - A collection of add-on packages and macros for plain TeX03.08.2016 08:17
extraanytexlive-core2016.41843-1TeX Live core distribution16.08.2016 05:23
extraanytexlive-pictures2016.41299-2TeX Live - Packages for drawings graphics02.08.2016 21:55
extraanytexlive-latexextra2016.42294-1TeX Live - Large collection of add-on packages for LaTeX20.10.2016 15:53
extraanytexlive-music2016.41389-2TeX Live - Music typesetting packages02.08.2016 22:50
extraanytexlive-fontsextra2016.42286-1TeX Live - all sorts of extra fonts20.10.2016 16:03
extraanytexlive-humanities2016.41380-2TeX Live - LaTeX packages for law, linguistics, social sciences, an...02.08.2016 23:03
extraanytexlive-bibtexextra2016.42278-1TeX Live - Additional BibTeX styles and bibliography databases23.10.2016 19:52
extraanytexlive-htmlxml2016.41440-2TeX Live - Packages to convert LaTeX to XML/HTML, and typeset XML/SGML04.08.2016 23:28
extraanytexlive-science2016.41327-2TeX Live - Typesetting for natural and computer sciences02.08.2016 21:50
extraanytexlive-genericextra2016.41413-2TeX Live - mixed bag of generic macro packages and fonts04.08.2016 23:27
extraanytexlive-publishers2016.41474-2TeX Live - LaTeX classes and packages for specific publishers03.08.2016 08:15
extraanytexlive-games2016.39318-2TeX Live - Setups for typesetting various board games, including chess05.08.2016 07:51