Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung Intel i810/i830/i915/945G/G965+ video drivers28.10.2016 19:29
extrai686xf86-input-libinput0.22.0-1Generic input driver for the X.Org server based on libinput20.10.2016 17:54 Intel i810/i830/i915/945G/G965+ video drivers13.10.2016 21:43 evdev input driver01.10.2016 10:36
extrai686xf86-video-nouveau1.0.13-1Open Source 2D acceleration driver for nVidia cards23.09.2016 13:49 amdgpu video driver17.09.2016 21:31 ati video driver15.09.2016 20:47
extrai686xorg-server-devel1.18.4-1Development files for the X.Org X server19.07.2016 19:57
extrai686xorg-server-common1.18.4-1Xorg server common files19.07.2016 19:57
extrai686xorg-server-xwayland1.18.4-1run X clients under wayland19.07.2016 19:57
extrai686xorg-server-xnest1.18.4-1A nested X server that runs as an X application19.07.2016 19:57
extrai686xorg-server-xvfb1.18.4-1Virtual framebuffer X server19.07.2016 19:57
extrai686xorg-server-xdmx1.18.4-1Distributed Multihead X Server and utilities19.07.2016 19:57
extrai686xorg-server-xephyr1.18.4-1A nested X server that runs as an X application19.07.2016 19:57
extrai686xorg-server1.18.4-1Xorg X server19.07.2016 19:57
extrai686xf86-video-openchrome0.5.0-1X.Org Openchrome drivers06.07.2016 22:36
extrai686xf86-input-synaptics1.8.99.1-1Synaptics driver for notebook touchpads04.06.2016 10:28
extrai686xorg-xrandr1.5.0-1Primitive command line interface to RandR extension23.02.2016 19:33 ati Rage128 video driver22.01.2016 19:35
extrai686xorg-xrdb1.1.0-2X server resource database utility05.01.2016 13:27 ark video driver11.11.2015 10:51 3dfx Voodoo1/Voodoo2 2D video driver11.11.2015 10:49 vmware video driver11.11.2015 10:48 vesa video driver11.11.2015 10:47 Trident video driver11.11.2015 10:42 tdfx video driver11.11.2015 10:41 SiS video driver11.11.2015 10:38 siliconmotion video driver11.11.2015 10:37 savage video driver11.11.2015 10:36 nv video driver11.11.2015 10:27 neomagic video driver11.11.2015 10:25 mach64 video driver11.11.2015 10:24 Number 9 I128 video driver11.11.2015 10:18 GLINT/Permedia video driver11.11.2015 10:16 framebuffer video driver11.11.2015 10:15 dummy video driver11.11.2015 10:14 void input driver11.11.2015 10:04 VMWare Mouse input driver11.11.2015 10:03 mouse input driver11.11.2015 10:00
extrai686xf86-input-keyboard1.8.1-2X.Org keyboard input driver11.11.2015 09:58
extrai686xf86-input-joystick1.6.2-6X.Org Joystick input driver11.11.2015 09:57
extrai686xorg-xkbcomp1.3.1-1X Keyboard description compiler06.11.2015 20:11
extrai686xorg-xinput1.6.2-1Small commandline tool to configure devices20.10.2015 16:56 documentations02.05.2015 20:17
extrai686xorg-xvinfo1.1.3-1Prints out the capabilities of any video adaptors associated with t...02.05.2015 19:14
extrai686xorg-smproxy1.0.6-1Allows X applications that do not support X11R6 session management ...18.04.2015 09:17
extrai686xorg-xmodmap1.0.9-1Utility for modifying keymaps and button mappings17.04.2015 20:07
extrai686xorg-xlsatoms1.1.2-1List interned atoms defined on server17.04.2015 20:02
extrai686xorg-xkbevd1.1.4-1XKB event daemon17.04.2015 19:59
extrai686xorg-xhost1.0.7-1Server access control program for X17.04.2015 19:56