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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686xonotic0.8.1-2A free, fast-paced crossplatform first-person shooter14.05.2016 13:05
communityi686xnoise0.2.21-4Media player with a slick GUI, great speed and lots of features.28.04.2016 19:30
communityi686xnee3.19-1A program to record, distribute, and replay X (X11) protocol data12.05.2014 19:45
communityi686xnc5.0.4-8X nortern captain file manager06.12.2015 05:46
communityi686xmove2.0beta2-6A tool to move X windows to different X servers, something like a G...01.07.2014 18:35
communityi686xmoto0.5.11-6A challenging 2D motocross platform game, where physics play an imp...12.10.2016 19:07
communityi686xmonad-contrib0.13-1Add-ons for xmonad12.02.2017 17:14
communityi686xmonad0.13-1Lightweight X11 tiled window manager written in Haskell12.02.2017 17:00
communityi686xmobar0.24.3-6A Minimalistic Text Based Status Bar15.03.2017 18:46
communityi686xmms20.8DrO_o.919.gece0baf0-7X-platform Music Multiplexing System 209.01.2017 19:18
communityi686xmlstarlet1.6.1-1A set of tools to transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents18.03.2015 12:12
communityi686xmlrpc-c1:1.43.06-1XML-RPC for C and C++29.01.2017 00:30
communityi686xmldiff0.6.10-3A python tool that figures out the differences between two similar ...01.07.2014 18:34
communityi686xml20.5-1XML/Unix Processing Tools to convert XML and HTML to and from a lin...05.05.2013 23:11
communityi686xmind3.6.51-1Brainstorming and Mind Mapping Software01.08.2016 17:22
communityi686xlockmore5.50-1screen saver / locker for the X Window System01.01.2017 23:04
communityi686xloadimage4.1-13An utility to view many different types of images under X1129.04.2013 15:29
communityi686xl2tpd1.3.9-1an open source implementation of the L2TP maintained by Xelerance C...16.03.2017 16:22
communityi686xkeycaps2.46-7XKeyCaps is a graphical front-end to xmodmap.01.07.2014 18:32
communityi686xkbsel0.13-7framework for defining, selecting and indicating XKB keyboard mappings15.11.2013 13:36
communityi686xjadeo0.8.5-4A simple video player that is synchronized to jack transport.08.05.2016 19:17
communityi686xfmpc0.2.3-1A graphical GTK+ MPD client focusing on low footprint01.07.2016 08:22
communityi686xfe1.42-1X File Explorer (Xfe) is an MS-Explorer like file manager for X.21.08.2016 22:28
communityi686xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin1.7.1-1Alternate menu for Xfce414.03.2017 14:49
communityi686xenstore6.2.0-2Citrix XenServer Tools03.08.2014 05:47
communityi686xe-guest-utilities6.2.0-2Citrix XenServer Tools03.08.2014 05:47
communityi686xdotool3.20160805.1-1Command-line X11 automation tool29.08.2016 08:03
communityi686xdiskusage1.51-2xdiskusage is a user-friendly program to show you what is using up ...07.12.2015 07:26
communityi686xdialog2.3.1-7A drop-in replacement for the 'dialog' or 'cdialog' programs01.07.2014 18:15
communityi686xdelta33.0.11-1Diff utility which works with binary files14.01.2016 10:07
communityi686xdebug2.5.1-1PHP debugging extension03.03.2017 13:17
communityi686xcircuit3.8.83-1A program for drawing publishable-quality electrical circuit schema...17.02.2017 11:56
communityi686xchm1.23-5A cross-platform GUI front-end to chmlib22.01.2017 23:06
communityi686xboard4.9.0-1Graphical user interfaces for chess16.06.2016 12:18
communityi686xbindkeys1.8.6-1Launch shell commands with your keyboard or your mouse under X04.01.2014 21:12
communityi686xautomation1.09-2Controls X from the command line and does "visual scraping".08.02.2016 00:48
communityi686xautolock2.2-4An automatic X screen-locker/screen-saver11.07.2014 12:17
communityi686xarchiver-gtk20.5.4.8-1GTK+ frontend to various command line archivers (GTK+ 2 version)15.02.2017 06:20
communityi686xarchiver0.5.4.8-1GTK+ frontend to various command line archivers15.02.2017 06:20
communityi686xalan-c1:1.11-1A XSLT processor for transforming XML documents05.01.2016 00:06
communityi686xa2.3.7-1Cross-assembler for 6502 microprocessor30.03.2015 18:12
communityi686x86_energy_perf_policy4.10-1Read or write MSR_IA32_ENERGY_PERF_BIAS20.02.2017 23:59
communityi686wxsqlite33.5.2-1wxWidgets wrapper for SQLite321.03.2017 20:47
communityi686wxcam1.1-9Webcam application for linux07.12.2015 09:13
communityi686wvstreams4.6.1-10A network programming library written in C++06.11.2016 21:54
communityi686wvdial1.61-6A dialer program to connect to the Internet06.12.2015 02:06
communityi686wt3.3.6-6a C++ library and application server for developing and deploying w...04.01.2017 12:36
communityi686wput0.6.2-3A command line tool to upload files to FTP site, the opposite to wget01.07.2014 18:07
communityi686workrave1.10.16-1a tool to help RSI24.10.2016 13:52
communityi686wol0.7.1-7Wake On LAN functionality in a small program. It wakes up hardware ...28.04.2016 00:25
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