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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686android-file-transfer2.4-3Android MTP client with minimalistic UI27.04.2016 20:14
communityi686android-tools6.0.1_r46-1Android platform tools22.06.2016 20:25
communityanyandroid-udev20160503-1Udev rules to connect Android devices to your linux box25.06.2016 00:30
communityi686angband4.0.5-1A roguelike dungeon exploration game based on the writings of JRR T...21.04.2016 18:31
communityanyanki2.0.36-2Helps you remember facts (like words/phrases in a foreign language)...27.04.2016 17:36
communityanyansible2.1.0.0-1Radically simple IT automation platform26.05.2016 14:17
communityi686antiword0.37-6A free MS Word reader for Linux and RISC OS08.02.2016 01:11
communityi686anyfs-tools0.85.1c-5unix-way toolset for recovering and converting filesystems01.11.2013 20:14
communityanyapache-ivy2.4.0-2Dependency manager29.05.2016 11:42
communityi686apcupsd3.14.14-1Power mangement and controlling most of APC's UPS models16.06.2016 16:18
communityi686apg2.2.3-4Automated Password Generator.01.07.2014 11:39
communityi686apitrace7.1-2Graphics API Tracing11.07.2016 18:44
communityi686appstream0.9.7-1Provides a standard for creating app stores across distributions20.07.2016 18:24
communityi686appstream-generator0.4.0-1A fast AppStream metadata generator13.07.2016 08:20
communityi686appstream-qt0.9.7-1Qt5 interface for AppStream20.07.2016 18:24
communityi686apvlv0.1.5-3PDF/DJVU/TXT viewer which behaves like Vim27.04.2016 17:43
communityi686aqbanking5.6.10-1A library for online banking and financial applications04.05.2016 12:17
communityanyarandr0.1.9-1Provide a simple visual front end for XRandR 17:49
communityi686arb2.8.1-1C library for arbitrary-precision floating-point ball arithmetic10.02.2016 22:39
communityi686arch1.3.5-11A modern and remarkable revision control system.08.02.2016 01:26
communityanyarch-firefox-search0.8.2-7Firefox Arch search engines (AUR, Pkgs, BBS, Wiki, etc.)15.08.2015 14:22
communityanyarch-wiki-docs20160308-1Pages from Arch Wiki optimized for offline browsing08.03.2016 16:29
communityanyarch-wiki-lite20160308-2The wiki without html. 1/9 as big, easily searched and viewable on ...30.04.2016 18:01
communityanyarchey30.5-4Output a logo and various system information20.09.2015 14:17
communityanyarchlinux-appstream-data20160601-2Arch Linux application database for AppStream-based software centers01.06.2016 23:25
communityanyarchlinux-themes-kdm1.4-4Arch Linux branded KDM greeter themes for KDE30.06.2014 18:39
communityanyarchlinux-wallpaper1.4-2A variety of Arch Linux branded wallpapers30.06.2014 18:32
communityanyarchlinux-xdg-menu0.7.6.2-2automatic generate WM menu from xdg files18.01.2015 20:28
communityi686argyllcms1.8.3-1An ICC compatible color management system with support for differen...18.11.2015 11:29
communityi686aria21.25.0-1Download utility that supports HTTP(S), FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink16.07.2016 18:15
communityi686ario1.5.1-4A GTK client for MPD inspired by Rhythmbox but much lighter and faster29.04.2016 13:57
communityanyarista0.9.7-12Easy to use multimedia transcoder for the GNOME Desktop07.05.2016 18:16
communityi686arj3.10.22-11Free and portable clone of the ARJ archiver07.01.2016 01:07
communityanyarm1.4.5.0-3Terminal status monitor for Tor relays05.03.2016 13:42
communityi686arm-none-eabi-binutils2.26.1-1A set of programs to assemble and manipulate binary and object file...03.07.2016 17:33
communityi686arm-none-eabi-gcc6.1.1-2The GNU Compiler Collection - cross compiler for ARM EABI (bare-met...31.05.2016 18:26
communityi686arm-none-eabi-gdb7.11.1-1The GNU Debugger for the ARM EABI (bare-metal) target01.06.2016 20:36
communityanyarm-none-eabi-newlib2.4.0-3A C standard library implementation intended for use on embedded sy...31.05.2016 20:30
communityi686armagetronad0. Tron Clone in 3D.07.12.2015 03:35
communityi686arp-scan1.9-2A tool that uses ARP to discover and fingerprint IP hosts on the lo...17.09.2015 10:33
communityi686arpack3.4.0-1Fortran77 subroutines designed to solve large scale eigenvalue prob...22.07.2016 23:33
communityi686arpwatch2.1a15-14Ethernet/FDDI station activity monitor06.06.2014 19:17
communityi686arrayfire3.3.2-1High performance software library for parallel computing with an ea...27.04.2016 22:29
communityi686ascii3.15-1Utility for conversion between various byte representations and the...06.03.2016 01:54
communityanyasciidoc8.6.9-3Text document format for short documents, articles, books and UNIX ...14.07.2016 17:13
communityanyasciinema1.3.0-3Record and share your terminal sessions28.07.2016 13:28
communityi686asciiportal1.3-2Text based puzzle game inspired by the popular video game30.04.2016 13:32
communityanyasciiquarium1.1-4An aquarium/sea animation in ASCII art21.07.2015 00:21
communityi686aspell-ca2.3.0-2Catalan dictionary for aspell05.07.2014 08:47
communityi686aspell-cs20040614-8Czech dictionary for aspell05.07.2014 19:39
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