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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityi686aspell-hu0.99.4.2-4Hungarian spellcheck dictionary for aspell01.07.2014 03:39
communityi686aspell-it2.2_20050523-5Italian dictionary for aspell11.08.2014 14:01
communityi686aspell-pl20160615-1Polish dictionary for aspell17.06.2016 22:19
communityi686aspell-pt20160624-1Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for aspell25.06.2016 09:41
communityi686aspell-ru0.99f7-6Russian dictionary for aspell01.07.2014 02:48
communityi686aspell-sv0.51-1Swedish dictionary for aspell26.05.2015 21:05
communityi686aspell-uk1.8.0-1Ukrainian dictionary for aspell22.11.2014 21:23
communityi686asplib20160310.da66f51-1Achim's Signal Processing LIBrary28.03.2016 08:10
communityi686assaultcube1.2.0.2-2A realistic team oriented multiplayer FPS based on the Cube engine06.12.2015 21:45
communityi686astromenace1.3.2-2Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities07.12.2015 02:29
communityi686astyle2.05.1-2A free, fast and small automatic formatter for C, C++, C#, and Java...05.12.2015 16:21
communityi686asunder2.8-3a graphical CD ripper and encoder13.05.2016 22:44
communityi686at3.1.16-1AT and batch delayed command scheduling utility and daemon20.11.2014 13:36
communityi686atanks6.3-2Atomic Tanks08.12.2015 14:27
communityi686atftp0.7.1-1client/server implementation of the TFTP protocol that implements R...14.04.2015 23:31
communityanyatk-docs2.6.0-2Documentation for atk to be used in devhelp01.07.2014 11:40
communityi686atlas-lapack-base3.10.2-3Complete LAPACK and BLAS implementation using optimized ATLAS routines14.11.2015 08:37
communityi686atomicparsley0.9.0-6A command line program for reading, parsing and setting iTunes-styl...05.12.2015 16:39
communityanyatool0.39.0-4A script for managing file archives of various types16.04.2016 07:39
communityi686atop2.2_3-3A system and process level monitor.10.03.2016 19:20
communityi686atril1.12.2-1MATE document viewer (GTK2 version)02.01.2016 09:45
communityi686atril-gtk31.12.2-2MATE document viewer (GTK3 version [EXPERIMENTAL])29.04.2016 03:02
communityanyauctex11.89-2An extensible package for writing and formatting TeX files in Emacs07.05.2016 14:32
communityi686audaspace1.1-2A high level and feature rich audio library written in C++ with lan...06.12.2015 23:42
communityi686audex0.79-4A CDDA extraction tool with a ftp upload function for KDE07.05.2016 16:56
communityi686audience0.1.0.2-2The Pantheon Video Player27.04.2016 21:19
communityanyaudio-convert0.3.1.1-7A script with an easy to use interface to convert audio files: wav,...18.05.2013 23:21
communityi686audit2.4.4-1Userspace components of the audit framework10.11.2015 06:02
communityi686augeas1.5.0-1A configuration editing tool that parses config files and transform...16.05.2016 15:16
communityi686aumix2.9.1-8A color text mode sound mixer with GPM support27.04.2016 18:41
communityanyaurphan20140212-1Finds packages in need of maintainers, bug fixes and patches. Adopt...13.02.2014 02:57
communityanyautoconf-2.642.64-1A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code14.01.2015 12:06
communityanyautoconf-archive1:2016.03.20-4A collection of freely re-usable Autoconf macros27.04.2016 18:29
communityi686autocutsel0.10.0-1synchronizes the two copy/paste buffers mainly used by X applications19.05.2014 19:21
communityi686autofs5.1.1-3A kernel-based automounter for Linux.17.04.2016 08:40
communityanyautojump22.3.0-2A faster way to navigate your filesystem from the command line07.06.2016 18:54
communityanyautopep82.0a1-1A tool that automatically formats Python code to conform to the PEP...04.07.2016 17:34
communityi686autossh1.4e-1Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels06.03.2015 11:34
communityi686avfs1.0.3-1Virtual filesystem that allows browsing of compressed files30.06.2015 00:19
communityi686avr-binutils2.26.1-1A set of programs to assemble and manipulate binary and object file...03.07.2016 17:35
communityi686avr-gcc5.3.0-2The GNU AVR Compiler Collection25.02.2016 18:36
communityi686avr-gdb7.11.1-1The GNU Debugger for AVR01.06.2016 20:48
communityanyavr-libc2.0.0-1The C runtime library for the AVR family of microcontrollers29.02.2016 19:42
communityi686avrdude1:6.3-1Download/upload/manipulate the ROM and EEPROM contents of AVR micro...21.02.2016 22:35
communityi686awesome3.5.9-1Highly configurable framework window manager12.03.2016 01:10
communityanyaws-cli1.10.50-1Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services27.07.2016 13:48
communityanyawstats7.5-2tool that generates web, streaming, ftp and mail server statistics,...04.07.2016 15:11
communityi686axel2.4-4Download accelerator02.07.2014 17:09
communityanybackuppc3.3.1-3Enterprise-grade system for backing up Linux, Windows and MacOS PCs01.07.2015 15:02
communityi686badvpn1.999.130-1Peer-to-peer VPN system, and NCD, a programming language for networ...09.04.2015 12:50
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