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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
communityanyvolwheel0.2.8-6Tray icon to change volume with the mouse04.05.2016 22:25
communityanyvncviewer-jar1.3.10-4VNC viewer java applet01.07.2014 17:57
communityanyvirtualbox-guest-iso5.0.20-1The official VirtualBox Guest Additions ISO image01.05.2016 02:02
communityanyvirt-manager1.3.2-5Desktop user interface for managing virtual machines28.04.2016 00:14
communityanyvirt-install1.3.2-5Console user interface for managing virtual machines28.04.2016 00:14
communityanyvimpager2.06-1A vim-based script to use as a PAGER.09.08.2015 17:53
communityanyvim-workspace1.0b1-7vim workspace manager plugin for managing groups of files05.07.2014 07:47
communityanyvim-vcscommand1.99.47-1vim version control system integration plugin30.05.2013 10:35
communityanyvim-ultisnips3.1-2TextMate-style snippets for Vim.08.02.2016 00:57
communityanyvim-taglist46-2A source code browser plugin for vim05.07.2014 07:25
communityanyvim-systemd20140209-1Vim syntax highlighting for systemd unit files09.02.2014 07:41
communityanyvim-syntastic3.7.0-2Automatic syntax checking for Vim08.02.2016 00:43
communityanyvim-surround2.1-1Provides mappings to easily delete, change, and add paired "surroun...03.03.2015 21:22
communityanyvim-supertab2.1-1A Vim plugin that allows you to use the tab key to do all insert co...28.04.2014 08:45
communityanyvim-rails5.2-1ViM plugin for enhanced Ruby on Rails application development11.02.2016 23:29
communityanyvim-project1.4.1-7Organize and navigate projects of files (like an ide/buffer explorer)05.07.2014 07:25
communityanyvim-pastie2.0-7A Vim plugin that lets you read and create pastes at http://pastie....01.07.2014 21:52
communityanyvim-omnicppcomplete0.4.1-7vim c++ completion omnifunc with a ctags database05.07.2014 06:39
communityanyvim-nerdtree5.0.0-1Tree explorer plugin for navigating the filesystem06.02.2016 16:18
communityanyvim-minibufexpl6.5.2-1An elegant buffer explorer for vim26.12.2013 13:02
communityanyvim-latexsuite20141116-2Tools to view, edit, and compile LaTeX documents within Vim.08.02.2016 01:05
communityanyvim-jellybeans1.5-1Colorful, dark color scheme, inspired by ir_black and twilight11.03.2014 13:03
communityanyvim-jedi0.8.0-2Vim plugin for jedi, an awesome Python autocompletion.08.02.2016 00:43
communityanyvim-jad1.3-4Automatically decompiles java class files and displays java code04.07.2014 11:06
communityanyvim-indent-object1.1.2-3Text objects based on indent levels01.07.2014 12:19
communityanyvim-guicolorscheme1.2-4Auto convert gui-only colorschemes to 88/256 color terminal schemes04.11.2013 20:25
communityanyvim-fugitive2.2-1A Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal26.01.2015 23:23
communityanyvim-doxygentoolkit0.2.13-3This script simplify doxygen documentation in C/C++05.07.2014 06:36
communityanyvim-ctrlp1.79-3Full path fuzzy file, buffer, mru, tag, ... finder08.02.2016 00:58
communityanyvim-colorsamplerpack2012.10.28-3Different colorschemes for vim13.08.2013 13:22
communityanyvim-bufexplorer7.4.6-1A simple buffer list/switcher for vim05.08.2015 03:22
communityanyvim-align37.43-1Lets you align lines using regular expressions11.11.2013 11:12
communityanyvim-airline0.8-2Lean & mean statusline/tabline for ViM12.04.2016 11:26
communityanyvim-a2.18-7alternate files in vim quickly (.c -> .h etc)05.07.2014 06:21
communityanyvicious2.1.3-2Widgets for the Awesome window manager04.05.2015 15:49
communityanyvdrift-data2:2014.10.20-1An open source driving simulation made with drift racing in mind (d...27.04.2015 20:47
communityanyvariety0.6.0-1Changes the wallpaper on a regular interval using user-specified or...13.05.2016 21:05
communityanyuthash1.9.9-1C preprocessor implementations of a hash table and a linked list13.06.2014 15:58
communityanyurxvt-perls2.2-1URL and Mouseless text selection for rxvt-unicode13.06.2015 19:37
communityanyurlwatch2.1-1A tool for monitoring webpages for updates17.02.2016 00:10
communityanyurlgrabber3.10.1-2A high-level cross-protocol url-grabber and Python library15.02.2014 18:45
communityanyurbanterror-data2:4.2.023-1A team-based tactical shooter based on the Quake 3 Engine (data files)20.01.2015 01:11
communityanyunp2.0~pre7+nmu1-2A script for unpacking a wide variety of archive formats25.07.2014 19:03
communityanyunifi4.8.18-1Centralized management system for Ubiquiti UniFi AP09.05.2016 13:21
communityanyumlet14.2-1Free UML Tool for Fast UML Diagrams (stand-alone version)22.04.2016 18:30
communityanyumleditor3.6.0-1UML/INTERLIS-Editor19.01.2015 11:17
communityanyuglify-js2.6.2-1JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit23.02.2016 03:25
communityanyufw-extras0.3-1Extra configuration files for UFW06.03.2016 17:59
communityanyufw0.35-2Uncomplicated and easy to use CLI tool for managing a netfilter fir...27.04.2016 13:09
communityanyufoai-data2.5.0-3In UFO: Alien Invasion you fight aliens trying to capture Earth (da...05.07.2014 21:15
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