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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
corei686libmpc1.0.3-2Library for the arithmetic of complex numbers with arbitrarily high...01.05.2016 04:53
corei686mdadm3.4-1A tool for managing/monitoring Linux md device arrays, also known a...02.02.2016 20:08
corei686efibootmgr14-2Tool to modify UEFI Firmware Boot Manager Variables17.11.2016 14:16
corei686iproute2-doc4.10.0-2IP Routing Utilities documentation25.02.2017 19:41
corei686pinentry1.0.0-1Collection of simple PIN or passphrase entry dialogs which utilize ...27.11.2016 18:56
corei686nspr4.13.1-1Netscape Portable Runtime22.10.2016 21:35
corei686gcc-objc6.3.1-1Objective-C front-end for GCC09.01.2017 07:57
corei686bison3.0.4-2The GNU general-purpose parser generator29.04.2016 07:33
corei686sed4.4-1GNU stream editor11.02.2017 20:25
corei686krb51.13.7-1The Kerberos network authentication system02.12.2016 14:47
corei686gzip1.8-2GNU compression utility14.05.2016 14:54
corei686db5.3.28-3The Berkeley DB embedded database system05.12.2015 16:13
corei686libksba1.3.4-2A CMS and X.509 access library01.08.2016 22:19
corei686man-db2.7.6.1-2A utility for reading man pages15.12.2016 13:32
corei686e2fsprogs1.43.4-1Ext2/3/4 filesystem utilities01.02.2017 10:04
corei686libpsl0.17.0-1Public Suffix List library18.01.2017 18:22
corei686pcre8.40-1A library that implements Perl 5-style regular expressions21.01.2017 18:06
corei686libusb1.0.21-1Library that provides generic access to USB devices11.11.2016 18:23
corei686nilfs-utils2.2.6-1A log-structured file system supporting continuous snapshotting (us...21.10.2016 15:09
corei686gcc-go6.3.1-1Go front-end for GCC09.01.2017 07:58
corei686bash4.4.012-2The GNU Bourne Again shell14.02.2017 14:20
corei686run-parts4.8.1-1run scripts or programs in a directory18.11.2016 18:42
corei686keyutils1.5.9-1Linux Key Management Utilities01.03.2014 01:48
corei686pciutils3.5.2-1PCI bus configuration space access library and tools26.10.2016 09:00
corei686grub1:2.02.rc1-1GNU GRand Unified Bootloader (2)03.02.2017 20:44
corei686curl7.53.1-1An URL retrieval utility and library24.02.2017 10:41
corei686thin-provisioning-tools0.6.3-1Suite of tools for manipulating the metadata of the dm-thin device-...21.07.2016 17:40
corei686libgssglue0.4-2Exports a gssapi interface which calls other random gssapi libraries21.10.2013 16:33
corei686m41.4.18-1The GNU macro processor06.01.2017 04:48
corei686minizip1:1.2.11-1Mini zip and unzip based on zlib15.01.2017 20:43
corei686zlib1:1.2.11-1Compression library implementing the deflate compression method fou...15.01.2017 20:43
corei686libtool2.4.6-7A generic library support script12.01.2017 07:39
corei686nfsidmap0.26-1Library to help mapping IDs, mainly for NFSv409.09.2014 15:44
corei686gcc-ada6.3.1-1Ada front-end for GCC (GNAT)09.01.2017 07:57
corei686rfkill0.5-1Tool for enabling and disabling wireless devices16.05.2013 20:35
corei686jfsutils1.1.15-4JFS filesystem utilities16.05.2013 20:28
corei686grep3.0-1A string search utility11.02.2017 20:21
corei686cronie1.5.1-1Daemon that runs specified programs at scheduled times and related ...30.06.2016 02:28
corei686tar1.29-2Utility used to store, backup, and transport files03.11.2016 11:16
corei686libgcrypt1.7.6-1General purpose cryptographic library based on the code from GnuPG21.01.2017 10:17
corei686lz41:1.7.5-1Extremely fast compression algorithm12.01.2017 11:48
corei686ding-libs0.6.0-1'D is not GLib' utility libraries25.06.2016 11:07
corei686xz5.2.3-1Library and command line tools for XZ and LZMA compressed files30.12.2016 15:43
corei686libtasn14.10-1The ASN.1 library used in GNUTLS17.01.2017 19:46
corei686nettle3.3-1A low-level cryptographic library02.10.2016 11:05
corei686gawk4.1.4-2GNU version of awk06.11.2016 19:57
corei686attr2.4.47-2Extended attribute support library for ACL support06.11.2016 15:02
corei686readline7.0.003-1GNU readline library30.01.2017 08:29
corei686isdn4k-utils3.27-2User space administration programs and tools for ISDN08.09.2015 13:40
corei686gpgme1.7.1-2A C wrapper library for GnuPG27.10.2016 18:06
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