Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
coreanyman-pages4.07-1Linux man pages19.07.2016 21:48
corei686systemd-sysvcompat230-7sysvinit compat for systemd18.07.2016 13:51
corei686libsystemd230-7systemd client libraries18.07.2016 13:51
corei686systemd230-7system and service manager18.07.2016 13:51
corei686fakeroot1.21-1Tool for simulating superuser privileges16.07.2016 13:54
corei686device-mapper2.02.161-1Device mapper userspace library and tools16.07.2016 00:14
corei686lvm22.02.161-1Logical Volume Manager 2 utilities16.07.2016 00:14
corei686openvpn2.3.11-2An easy-to-use, robust, and highly configurable VPN (Virtual Privat...15.07.2016 15:13
corei686pkcs11-helper1.11-3A library that simplifies the interaction with PKCS11 providers for...15.07.2016 15:10
corei686libgcrypt1.7.2-1General purpose cryptographic library based on the code from GnuPG15.07.2016 13:35
corei686gnupg2.1.14-1Complete and free implementation of the OpenPGP standard15.07.2016 02:27
corei686libassuan2.4.3-1IPC library used by some GnuPG related software15.07.2016 02:18
corei686libgpg-error1.24-1Support library for libgcrypt15.07.2016 02:10
corei686man-db2.7.5-3A utility for reading man pages13.07.2016 09:27
corei686linux-lts-docs4.4.15-1Kernel hackers manual - HTML documentation that comes with the Linu...11.07.2016 21:09
corei686linux-lts-headers4.4.15-1Header files and scripts for building modules for Linux-lts kernel11.07.2016 21:09
corei686linux-lts4.4.15-1The Linux-lts kernel and modules11.07.2016 21:08
corei686linux-docs4.6.4-1Kernel hackers manual - HTML documentation that comes with the Linu...11.07.2016 19:32
corei686linux-headers4.6.4-1Header files and scripts for building modules for Linux kernel11.07.2016 19:32
corei686linux4.6.4-1The Linux kernel and modules11.07.2016 19:31
corei686libsasl2.1.26-8Cyrus Simple Authentication Service Layer (SASL) Library10.07.2016 21:54
corei686procps-ng3.3.12-1Utilities for monitoring your system and its processes10.07.2016 21:18
coreanytzdata2016f-1Sources for time zone and daylight saving time data09.07.2016 12:58
corei686thin-provisioning-tools0.6.2-1Suite of tools for manipulating the metadata of the dm-thin device-...07.07.2016 12:37
corei686gcc-go6.1.1-3Go front-end for GCC07.07.2016 08:29
corei686gcc-ada6.1.1-3Ada front-end for GCC (GNAT)07.07.2016 08:28
corei686gcc-objc6.1.1-3Objective-C front-end for GCC07.07.2016 08:28
corei686gcc-fortran6.1.1-3Fortran front-end for GCC07.07.2016 08:28
corei686gcc-libs6.1.1-3Runtime libraries shipped by GCC07.07.2016 08:27
corei686gcc6.1.1-3The GNU Compiler Collection - C and C++ frontends07.07.2016 08:26
corei686gnutls3.4.14-1A library which provides a secure layer over a reliable transport l...06.07.2016 22:56
coreanymkinitcpio20-1Modular initramfs image creation utility03.07.2016 20:21
coreanypacman-mirrorlist20160703-1Arch Linux mirror list for use by pacman03.07.2016 14:23
corei686binutils2.26.1-1A set of programs to assemble and manipulate binary and object files03.07.2016 13:18
corei686sdparm1.10-1An utility similar to hdparm but for SCSI devices01.07.2016 23:19
corei686traceroute2.1.0-1Tracks the route taken by packets over an IP network01.07.2016 23:16
corei686bash4.3.046-1The GNU Bourne Again shell30.06.2016 20:56
corei686libffi3.2.1-2Portable foreign function interface library30.06.2016 20:51
corei686gmp6.1.1-1A free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic30.06.2016 07:13
corei686cronie1.5.1-1Daemon that runs specified programs at scheduled times and related ...30.06.2016 02:28
corei686libarchive3.2.1-2library that can create and read several streaming archive formats29.06.2016 18:32
corei686nano2.6.1-1Pico editor clone with enhancements28.06.2016 21:21
corei686e2fsprogs1.43.1-1Ext2/3/4 filesystem utilities28.06.2016 20:34
corei686btrfs-progs4.6.1-1Btrfs filesystem utilities28.06.2016 20:28
corei686libedit20160618_3.1-1Command line editor library providing generic line editing, history...26.06.2016 20:34
corei686sudo1.8.17.p1-1Give certain users the ability to run some commands as root26.06.2016 15:51
corei686ca-certificates-mozilla3.25-1Mozilla's set of trusted CA certificates26.06.2016 00:31
corei686nss3.25-1Network Security Services26.06.2016 00:31
corei686ding-libs0.6.0-1'D is not GLib' utility libraries25.06.2016 11:07
corei686s-nail14.8.9-1Mail processing system with a command syntax reminiscent of ed21.06.2016 21:12