Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
corei686zlib1.2.8-4Compression library implementing the deflate compression method fou...15.05.2015 10:24
coreanyzd1211-firmware1.5-1Firmware for the in-kernel26 zd1211rw wireless driver06.05.2014 16:36
corei686xz5.2.2-1Library and command line tools for XZ and LZMA compressed files01.10.2015 18:53
corei686xinetd2.3.15-4A secure replacement for inetd14.10.2013 09:58
corei686xfsprogs4.5.0-1XFS filesystem utilities19.04.2016 09:32
corei686wpa_supplicant1:2.5-3A utility providing key negotiation for WPA wireless networks02.03.2016 19:27
corei686wpa_actiond1.4-2Daemon that connects to wpa_supplicant and handles connect and disc...31.05.2013 09:47
corei686wireless_tools30.pre9-1Tools allowing to manipulate the Wireless Extensions30.01.2014 18:05
coreanywireless-regdb2015.07.20-1Central Regulatory Domain Database13.08.2015 14:19
corei686which2.21-2A utility to show the full path of commands14.05.2016 15:12
corei686vi1:070224-2The original ex/vi text editor06.09.2015 21:34
corei686util-linux2.28-1Miscellaneous system utilities for Linux12.04.2016 14:13
corei686usbutils008-1USB Device Utilities03.11.2014 20:42
coreanytzdata2016d-1Sources for time zone and daylight saving time data19.04.2016 17:32
corei686traceroute2.0.21-1Tracks the route taken by packets over an IP network12.11.2014 17:35
corei686thin-provisioning-tools0.6.1-2Suite of tools for manipulating the metadata of the dm-thin device-...01.03.2016 12:27
corei686texinfo6.1-3GNU documentation system for on-line information and printed output27.04.2016 16:30
corei686tar1.29-1Utility used to store, backup, and transport files17.05.2016 22:23
corei686systemd-sysvcompat229-3sysvinit compat for systemd19.02.2016 04:03
corei686systemd229-3system and service manager19.02.2016 04:02
corei686syslinux6.03-6Collection of boot loaders that boot from FAT, ext2/3/4 and btrfs f...22.04.2016 22:02
corei686sysfsutils2.1.0-9System Utilities Based on Sysfs30.06.2014 08:51
corei686sudo1.8.16-1Give certain users the ability to run some commands as root25.03.2016 11:49
corei686sqlite-tcl3.13.0-1sqlite Tcl Extension Architecture (TEA)18.05.2016 17:20
corei686sqlite-doc3.13.0-1most of the static HTML files that comprise this website, including...18.05.2016 17:20
corei686sqlite3.13.0-1A C library that implements an SQL database engine18.05.2016 17:20
corei686s-nail14.8.8-1Mail processing system with a command syntax reminiscent of ed26.03.2016 18:35
corei686shadow4.2.1-3Password and account management tool suite with support for shadow ...15.03.2015 15:38
corei686sed4.2.2-4GNU stream editor14.05.2016 15:12
corei686sdparm1.09-1An utility similar to hdparm but for SCSI devices31.12.2014 21:18
corei686run-parts4.7-1run scripts or programs in a directory01.02.2016 21:18
corei686rpcbind0.2.3-3portmap replacement which supports RPC over various protocols06.11.2015 19:37
corei686rfkill0.5-1Tool for enabling and disabling wireless devices16.05.2013 20:35
corei686reiserfsprogs3.6.24-1Reiserfs utilities27.08.2013 08:26
corei686readline6.3.008-3GNU readline library18.09.2015 10:11
corei686pth2.0.7-5The GNU Portable Threads.08.01.2014 04:03
corei686psmisc22.21-3Miscellaneous procfs tools06.09.2015 23:45
corei686procps-ng3.3.11-2Utilities for monitoring your system and its processes07.09.2015 21:55
corei686procinfo-ng2.0.304-6Displays useful information from /proc05.12.2015 19:02
corei686pptpclient1.8.0-2Client for the proprietary Microsoft Point-to-Point Tunneling Proto...27.06.2014 17:37
corei686ppp2.4.7-2A daemon which implements the Point-to-Point Protocol for dial-up n...27.07.2015 07:37
corei686popt1.16-8A commandline option parser12.05.2016 14:53
corei686pkg-config0.29.1-1A system for managing library compile/link flags07.03.2016 03:55
corei686pinentry0.9.7-2Collection of simple PIN or passphrase entry dialogs which utilize ...03.05.2016 23:11
corei686perl5.22.2-1A highly capable, feature-rich programming language05.05.2016 19:06
corei686pcre8.38-3A library that implements Perl 5-style regular expressions12.03.2016 16:26
corei686pcmciautils018-7Utilities for inserting and removing PCMCIA cards13.05.2013 02:12
corei686pciutils3.4.1-1PCI bus configuration space access library and tools27.02.2016 08:13
corei686patch2.7.5-1A utility to apply patch files to original sources09.03.2015 14:48
coreanypambase20130928-1Base PAM configuration for services28.09.2013 23:23