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Repositorium Architektur Name Version Beschreibung Letzte Aktualisierung
extrai686php-tidy7.0.8-1tidy module for PHP22.06.2016 16:50
extrai686php-xsl7.0.8-1xsl module for PHP22.06.2016 16:50
extrai686php-dblib7.0.8-1dblib module for PHP22.06.2016 16:50
extrai686php-enchant7.0.8-1enchant module for PHP22.06.2016 16:50
extrai686php-gd7.0.8-1gd module for PHP22.06.2016 16:50
extrai686php-imap7.0.8-1imap module for PHP22.06.2016 16:50
extrai686php-intl7.0.8-1intl module for PHP22.06.2016 16:50
extrai686php-mcrypt7.0.8-1mcrypt module for PHP22.06.2016 16:50
extrai686php-odbc7.0.8-1ODBC modules for PHP22.06.2016 16:50
extrai686php-pgsql7.0.8-1PostgreSQL modules for PHP22.06.2016 16:50
extrai686php-pspell7.0.8-1pspell module for PHP22.06.2016 16:50
extrai686php-phpdbg7.0.8-1Interactive PHP debugger22.06.2016 16:50
extrai686php-embed7.0.8-1Embedded PHP SAPI library22.06.2016 16:49
extrai686php-fpm7.0.8-1FastCGI Process Manager for PHP22.06.2016 16:49
extrai686php-apache7.0.8-1Apache SAPI for PHP22.06.2016 16:49
extrai686php-cgi7.0.8-1CGI and FCGI SAPI for PHP22.06.2016 16:49
extrai686php7.0.8-1A general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to w...22.06.2016 16:49
extrai686gitg3.20.1-1A GIT repository viewer based on GTK+22.06.2016 16:21
extrai686gtksourceview33.20.4-1A text widget adding syntax highlighting and more to GNOME22.06.2016 13:22
extrai686chromium51.0.2704.103-1The open-source project behind Google Chrome, an attempt at creatin...22.06.2016 13:02
extrai686gnome-screenshot3.20.1-1Take pictures of your screen22.06.2016 10:45
extraanytomcat88.0.36-1Open source implementation of the Java Servlet 3.1 and JavaServer P...21.06.2016 22:21
extraanytomcat77.0.70-1Open source implementation of the Java Servlet 3.0 and JavaServer P...21.06.2016 22:02
extraanydocbook-utils0.6.14-8Shell scripts to manage DocBook documents21.06.2016 21:39
extrai686jade1.2.1-12James Clark's DSSSL Engine21.06.2016 21:32
extrai686opensp1.5.2-7A library and a set of tools for validating, parsing and manipulati...21.06.2016 21:19
extrai686davfs21.5.4-1File system driver that allows you to mount a WebDAV folder21.06.2016 20:56
extrai686fsarchiver0.6.23-1Safe and flexible file-system backup and deployment tool21.06.2016 20:44
extrai686libva-intel-driver1.7.1-1VA-API implementation for Intel G45 and HD Graphics family21.06.2016 20:40
extrai686libva1.7.1-1Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux21.06.2016 20:37
extrai686json-c0.12.1-1A JSON implementation in C21.06.2016 20:35
extrai686libwnck33.20.0-1Library to manage X windows and workspaces (via pagers, tasklists, ...21.06.2016 20:21
extrai686gnome-photos3.20.2-1Access, organize, and share your photos on GNOME21.06.2016 20:20
extrai686kwin5.6.5-3KDE Window manager21.06.2016 13:39
extraanyeigen3.2.8-3Lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math, a.k.a....21.06.2016 00:28
extraanydkms2.2.0.3+git151023-11Dynamic Kernel Modules System21.06.2016 00:08
extraanyvulkan-man-pages1:1.0.17-1Vulkan man pages20.06.2016 23:50
extraanyvulkan-headers1:1.0.17-1Vulkan header files20.06.2016 23:50
extrai686libgxps0.2.4-1XPS Documents library20.06.2016 22:56
extrai686eog3.20.3-1Eye of Gnome: An image viewing and cataloging program20.06.2016 22:55
extrai686epiphany3.20.3-1A GNOME web browser based on the WebKit rendering engine20.06.2016 22:54
extrai686gupnp-dlna0.10.5-1Library to ease DLNA-related bits for applications using gupnp20.06.2016 22:52
extrai686vala0.32.1-1Compiler for the GObject type system20.06.2016 22:52
extrai686gupnp0.20.18-1An object-oriented UPNP framework20.06.2016 22:52
extrai686gssdp0.14.16-1A GObject-based API for handling resource discovery and announcemen...20.06.2016 22:52
extrai686qt5-declarative5.7.0-2Classes for QML and JavaScript languages20.06.2016 22:17
extrai686libixion0.11.1-1A general purpose formula parser & interpreter20.06.2016 18:53
extrai686vc1.2.0-1A library to ease explicit vectorization of C++ code20.06.2016 18:51
extrai686wget1.18-1A network utility to retrieve files from the Web19.06.2016 14:37
extraanymeld3.16.1-1Visual diff and merge tool19.06.2016 03:32
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